Is the podcast still alive?

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  1. SuperGirevik

    SuperGirevik More than 300 posts

    I was just curious if the StrongFirst podcast is still being actively produced. I really enjoyed listening to it but I've noticed there hasn't been a new podcast since March 2019 (at least according to my Apple podcast app).
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  2. kenaces

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  3. Sean Sewell

    Sean Sewell Still New to StrongFirst Forum Certified Instructor

    Wondering this too. I loved the podcast and learned lots from each guest!
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  4. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    Folks, the StrongFirst podcast will return. When we have more details to share, rest assured we will post them here.

    We appreciate the interest and the questions - hang in there ... :)

  5. SuperGirevik

    SuperGirevik More than 300 posts

    Thanks (y)
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