Is "The Quick and the Dead" the published version of Strong Endurance?

Steve Freides

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In a comment on our web site's excerpt article from Pavel's latest work, The Quick and the Dead, a question was asked: Is Q&D the published version of Strong Endurance? My answer is below - I hope it sheds some light on why everyone, IMHO, should do both:

Consider the relationship of our three-day kettlebell instructor certification workshops to the book, “Kettlebell, Simple and Sinister.”

The cert is both wide and deep, discussing principles and how they should be applied, by both students and potential teachers, over a variety of applications; the book contains everything you need to know in order to understand and to execute its minimalist program.

The book and that minimalist program have a beauty and simplicity all their own; the three-day workshop is for those wishing to explore the material in much greater detail and to possibly use to train their own students.

The same holds true for the Strong Endurance workshop and the Q&D book. Read the book, and if you want to know more and possibly to teach your students, the seminar is highly recommended. [And the converse is also true - if you attended Strong Endurance and are having a hard time implementing it, read the book.]

NB: Strong Endurance is not an instructor certification, but it is nonetheless highly recommended for those who train others.

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