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Bodyweight Is there an alternative to the gymnastic planche?

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Peaceful John

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My >70 yo body does not cheerfully accommodate itself to gymnastic planche progressions. Is there an alternative exercise that would compliment the front lever progressions?
Thank you, Steve. I might have written my query poorly. The front lever progressions are coming along splendidly and have, in fact, become a favorite.

But I've somehow gotten it into my mind that exercises should come in pairs: a push deserves a corresponding pull. I originally tried to use the planche progressions as the "push" component. My body, however, does not like them.

The question I probably should have asked in my original post was this: what exercises do bodyweight people do to work the posterior chain?
Variations of Pull Ups/Chin Ups/Holds
Isometric "Superman" Holds
Just some ideas.
The Planche lean is very similar to the planche in terms of building straight-arm pushing strength with the arm in flexion. However, it is much easier to scale back (you can determine exactly how much weight to use by recording where you place your hands/feet). It also doesn't have a balance component, which makes it a lot easier on the forearms.

Just start at the top of a push-up (fingers facing somewhat to the sides) and lean forward little by little until it feels challenging. Be VERY conservative. Only progress in lean once whatever lean you use for your workouts doesn't seem to stress the biceps tendon anymore (you'll understand what I mean once you try it).
Perfect, 305pelusa! I just tried the planche lean, following your suggestions, and it exactly answers the need. Thank you very much.
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