It's all a bit embarrassing......

Mylan Byrd

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I always get weird looks while doing full-contact twists. Especially from the guys doing the lat pull down machine while wearing a weight belt. Its fun.


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It's a sad reflection on society when it has a need for a device that can load a 700 pound patient.

We don't tend to see those folks very often because most can't physically leave their homes. But if you are EMS or FD, you have plenty of stories because we're the ones called for the lift assist to get them out of their homes and to the hospital. You have got to be STRONG to work as an EMT/paramedic/fire fighters/cop/first responder.


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Sorry if I came off the wrong way Christa, I wasn't having a swipe at emergency service workers. I have full respect for what you do. I didn't mean to imply that workers in those fields are weak in any way.

My comment was regarding how modern society creates so many morbidly obese people.

I know in some cases people have metabolic disorders and medical issues that can directly or indirectly cause them to gain weight, but in most cases it's simply the lifestyle choices people make. The garbage passed off as food certainly doesn't help, but in most cases it's a matter of choice.


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Tarzan- Not offended at all. I understood your meaning and agree with you, completely.
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