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This was the scene as I put my shoes on this morning. I'd say the jar of pencils and pens, StrengthMatters magazine, sheet music in the printer, and back waiting for action represent my life pretty well :D I also took a tighter shot of the back. People tend to be interested in the process. You can see how the sides of the two upper bout braces have been tapered to a triangle and the rest are still fairly rough rectangles. The purpose is to minimize weight. The triangular profile has the same stiffness as a rectangle with less mass, which helps maximize the tonal contribution of the back. When the back and top are glued to the rim, I fine-tune the back until it's pitch when tapped is four semi-tones higher than the top. This helps the air mass "couple" them together when the guitar's played, again, to maximize the back's contribution to the guitar's tone.

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