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Kettlebell Jerk werk. Damn


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Trying to get some conditioning in before summer, after half hearted attempts the last few years. Tried out Q&D, I enjoyed it but felt a bit minimalist, and I think the power push ups were annoying my neck.

I’ve done The wolf before and thought I’d try something similar.

Jerk Werk ticks a lot of boxes for me so gave it a go this morning. I did Push Press, I think I have the mobility for jerks, but I’d like to practice that in isolation before I jump into something this intense with it.

Almost died. 2x24 is my working C&P weight but I was seriously struggling after the squats. The last set of PP was much tougher than the first, and I can comfortably strict press the 24’s for reps. I managed 3 rounds, with long rest times. I plan on giving myself at least 2 weeks untimed, then start working on bringing the rest times down.

I like that there’s squats and cleans, feels like all round training.

I find low rep heavy much easier mentally, but I really want to commit to a few months of more conditioning/higher rep based stuff. Pretty obvious I need to do more if this kind of stuff. Unlike the last few years, I’m actually doing it instead of wanting to do it but not doing it haha
Almost everything I do is from Geoff, and you are right. Double 20’s is a big step down from 24’s, but I guess it’s a good call.

I got through with 24’s. Maybe I’ll try 20’s on Friday’s session.

I’d have a much higher chance of bringing the rest periods down. Maybe I can aim to use 20’s now and work towards 24’s by Christmas.
If you can do any GN program with 24s and follow the 1:2-1:1 protocols that is already a sign of excellent strength IMO.

Most will already get so much bang for buck using 20s
That’s my problem, the rest periods, I finished phase 2 of Strong with my 24’s, lots of reps but I could do them no problem, just nowhere near the rest times suggested. Phase 3 I could not do for that reason.

I think the 20’s are the sensible option if I want conditioning over strength.

January I’ll be starting Strong with my 28’s, and I’d like to have at least better conditioning for phase 3.
5 rounds with the 20kg’s this morning with a 1:3 rest period. Felt better. I’ll start on Monday and go for 6 weeks, maybe even 12 til Christmas.

I think if I drop 10s rest time a week it’ll be manageable.

Why does it feel good to sometimes smash yourself in the gym? Haha
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