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Joe Fraser

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I am getting back into strength training after 4 years away while I finished my college degree and didn’t find time for training.

Relevant Demographics: 38 Year old Male. 5’5”, 178lbs


I did a few years of weight training while in High School. I was super skinny but got decently strong for 120lbs. Programming wasn't great as I was using Arnold's Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. I joined the military at 17 and did 8 years in the Army Reserve. I excelled at pushups (could always max them out with over 81 in two minutes without coming out of the position). Struggled with sit-ups, and the 2 mile run (see injury history). Picked up weight training a few years later for a while doing the Starting Strength Program. After a few years of inactivity the last year I was doing a few days a week of high intensity interval training at Orange Theory. Running was a struggle but after PT and a lot of work I was only mildly bad at it.

Injury History:

Calves and Achilles don’t take to running. I did 3 months of PT with only mild success and switched to minimal shoes and a midfoot running style which helped a bit. Diagnosis is not confirmed but it could be CECS related to the compact force when running. I don’t feel it outside of running.

I had a slight rotator cuff tear years ago. I did a self-rehab that was successful.

Short/Medium-Term Goals:
  • Getting strong
  • Getting in good shape (heart/health wise)
  • Reducing body fat
Lifelong Goals:
  • To be consistent with improving strength and health.
  • Goals in relation to body weight are 1.5x Bench, 2x Squat, and 2.5x Deadlift.
  • Health will be tracked by reducing resting heart rate which is currently is 85-95 bpm.

Strength: I am starting with Linear Progression. Specifically the GreySkull LP Program. I hope to stick with LP as long as possible to milk the strength gains as long as possible.

On bench day I will add chin-ups/pull-ups and lying triceps extension. On overhead press day I will some form of rows and close-grip bench.

***Edit: in the 2nd month I gradually starting adjusting the program to the Starting Strength Novice LP. There isn't much of a difference as Greyskull was based off SS to begin with. I did this as SS is better suited to make adjustments as I advance.

Conditioning/health: A+A work and Long Slow Distance Work in the form of rucking. The GreySkull LP Program is designed to be able to add conditioning/cardio work on off days or early mornings without compromising strength gains.

Training Partner Notes: I plan on giving updates on my wife, whom I train with. She has Lupus, which is an autoimmune disease in which her body attacks itself. Specifically, any inflammation. She was recently diagnosed after being misdiagnosed years ago with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The HIIT training we were doing certainly was a bad option as it was causing the inflammation she needs to avoid. We are using the limited volume of Greyskull to avoid inflammation. Also trying to leave a rep or two in the tank (not go to failure).

Abbreviations and other info:
GSLP- GreySkull Liner Progression Program
LP- Linear Progression
LSD- Long Slow Distance (under 180-age for heartbeat)
A+A: Alactic and Aerobic training
OHP: Overhead Press
Weights will usually be in pounds.
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Since I started less than month ago, I'm going to input from the beginning.

Week 1:
Thursday 4/25/19

Bench: 45lbs x 5, 65lbs x2, 135lbs x 5, 115lbs x 5, 115lbs x 10 (AMRAP set)
Squat: 45lbs x 5, 65lbs x 5, 95lbs 2 x 5, 95 lbs x 12 (AMRAP set)
Machine Row (narrow grip neutral): 90lbs x 6, 140lbs x 7
Machine Row (Wide Grip): 140lbs x 7
Banded Chin-ups (with green and white bands): 3 x 5

I started the bench to aggressively and wisely chose to cut back the weight to be sure I would be able to progress weekly for a good while.

Friday 4/26/19
Conditioning and Mobility
2000M row @ 7 resistance (9 min and 31 seconds)
3 x 10 second full body contraction planks
Halos 16kg 2 x 5ea
Prying Goblet Squats 16kg 2x5

Saturday 4/27/19
AM Conditioning/Mobility

1000M Row done as sprint intervals. 9 minutes to complete.
3 x 10 second full body contraction planks
Halos 16kg 2 x 5 ea
Prying Goblet Squats 16kg 3 x 5

PM Strength
OHP 45 x 5, 65lbs 2x5, 65lbs 1 x 9 (AMRAP set)
Squat: 45lbs x 5, 105lbs 2 x 5, 105lbs x 10 (AMRAP set)
CG Bench: 45lbs x 5, 95lbs 2x5, 95 lbs 1x10 (AMRAP set)

Sumo Deadlift: 95lbs x 5
Conventional Deadlift 135lbs 1x 7

Chin-ups (green and white band): 2 x 5
Pullups (green and white band): 1 x 10 (AMRAP set)

I was deciding between sumo and conventional deadlifts. I think I'm going to stick with conventional for now.

Monday 4/29/19
AM Conditioning

Treadmill Sprints: 4 minutes
Air Bike: 3 Minutes
Prying Goblet Squats 16kg 3x5

Bench: 45lbs x 8, 120lbs 2 x 5, 120lbs 1 x 8 (AMRAP set)
Squat: 45lbs x 5, 115lbs 2 x 5, 115lbs x 12 (AMRAP set)
Cable Row: 125lbs 2 x 5, 125lbs 1 x 8 (AMRAP set)
Lying Triceps Extension: 35lbs 2x5, 35lbs 1 x 8 (AMRAP set)
Full Body Contraction Plank: 3 x 10 seconds

Wednesday 5/1/19
AM Conditioning
Treadmill sprints: 6 minutes
2H KB Swings in between: 16kg 5 x 10
Halos 16kg 1 x 5

OHP 45lbs x 5, 70lbs 2x5, 70lbs 1x12 (AMRAP Set)
CG Bench: 110lbs 2 x 5, 110lbs 1 x 12 (AMRAP Set)
Conventional Deadlift: 140lbs x 8
Sumo Deadlift: 140lbs x 6
Chin-ups (green and white band): 2 x 8
Pull-ups (green and white band): 1 x 12

Prowler @ 90lbs 1.5x length of gym

Friday 5/3/19

Bench: 45lbs x 5, 70lbs x 5, 125lbs 2 x 5, 125lbs 1 x 10 (AMRAP set)
Squat: 45lbs x 5, 95lbs x 5, 125lbs 2x5, 125lbs 2 x 15
Cable Row: 130lbs 2 x 5, 130lbs 1x11 (AMRAP Set)
Lying Triceps Extension: 40lbs x 5, 55lbs x 5, 55lbs x8 (AMRAP set).

The lying triceps extension made me super sore. Maybe pushed it to close to failure. I like to leave 1 or 2 in the tank. I've been able to add 5lbs to upper body lifts and 10lbs to lower body lifts each workout so far. That's +35lbs already on the squat.

Notes on the wife (AKA the Lupus Warrior):
To both of our surprise, she was able to squat in decent form to parallel. The last time we tried this she couldn't do it due to mobility and balance. Started with final sets of Bench 65lbs x 9, Squat 55lbs x 10, OHP 45lbs x 8, and deadlift 95lbs x 5. These weights are very conservative so she will be able to increase and build confidence and motivation. Adding 5-10 lbs to the squat each workout so far. As of 5/3 she's up to 70lbs x 10 for the squat and 75lbs x 8 on the bench.
Week 2
Saturday 5/4/19

Long Slow Distance:
2.35 Mile walk with my dog in 1 hr and 3 minutes. Average heart rate was 109 with a max of 130. I'll need to add weight to get the heart rate up higher.

A+A Session:

KB Swings 16kg 10 x 10 in 10 minutes and 50 seconds. Almost on the minute but had to weight a bit longer to get heart rate to drop. 16kg is the highest kettlebell we have at the house. I can go heavier when I am at the gym.

Sunday 5/5/19

OHP: 45lbs x5, 70lbs 2x5, 70lbs 1x11, 80lbs 1 x 5

I noticed after my 11 rep set that I had misloaded the bar. I should have increase but had done the same weight as the previous OHP session. I added 10lbs and an additional set to feel like I progressed.

CG Bench: 45lbs x 5, 70lbs x 3, 115lbs 2 x 5, 115lbs x 11 (AMRAP set)
Squat: 45lbs x 5, 75lbs x 5, 135lbs 2 x 5, 135lbs x 15 (AMRAP set)

Double the recommended increase on squats to try and get the reps down to more of a strength range. Even adding another 10lbs I got 15 reps. That many reps really gets your heart and lungs going!

Chin-ups (with white band): 2 x 5
Pull-ups (with white band): 1 x 5

I was doing to bands at my feet to assist me on these. I dropped the green band too get less help this week. I am trying to work my way into doing these without any assistance. I'm doing these with no momentum.

Inverted rows with rings: 1 x 5

I wanted to try these out.


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Ignore the file on the last post. It belonged here...

Monday 5/6/19

A+A session:
1H KB Swings: 24KG 20 repeats of 10.

View attachment 8444

This was the 1st time I've used a 24KG for swings. Felt good, but had a slight twinge of elbow pain.

Long Slow Distance Work:
Followed that up with 34 minute walk on the treadmill. I added a chain I estimated to be about 20lbs to increase my heart rate. My wife thought I was crazy to be walking with a chain draped over my shoulders! We work out in a powerlifting gym so it's not the craziest thing they will see. AVG BPM of 129 with a max of 149.


Tuesday 5/7/19

Bench: 45lbs x 5, 65lbs x 3, 77.5lbs x 3, 130lbs 2 x 5, 130lbs x 11 (AMRAP set).

If your wandering why the 77.5, I used whatever my wife was doing to warm up to cut down on re-racking weights. That's +10lbs over the session 4 days ago and I added a rep.

Deadlift: 150lbs x 10 (AMRAP set)

That's 15lbs over the previous session. I don't really like getting up to 10 reps on deadlifts. I am gonna keep adding weight to bring this down.

Cable Row: 135lbs 2 x 5, 135lbs 1 x 11 (AMRAP set)
Lying Triceps Extension: 60lbs 2 x 5, 60lbs x 8
Halos: 16kg 2 x 5

Thursday 5/9/19

OHP: 45lbs x 5, 82.5lbs 2 x 5, 82.5lbs 1 x 10
CG Bench: 45lbs x 5, 77.5lbs x 3, 125lbs 2 x 5, 125lbs 1 x 10 (AMRAP set)
Squat: 45lbs 1 x 5, 115lbs 1 x 3, 150lbs 2 x 5, 150lbs 1 x 15

Added another 15lbs to the squat and still got 15 reps. I'd like to reduce the reps but I'll keep riding the 15 pound addition each workout while I can.

Chin-ups (with green band): 2 x 5
Pull-ups (with green band): 1 x 5

Went from the white band to the green band this week to get a little less help. I'll keep this up until I can do them without assistance.
Notes on the wife (AKA the Lupus Warrior):
She is going with 2.5lb increases per workout on the bench and OHP. Up to 77.5lbs x 10 on bench and 50lbs x 10 on OHP.

For squats, she's gone from 55lbs x 10 to 92.5lbs x 10 in two weeks of linear progression. For deadlifts she got to 105lbs x 5. She felt a bit of tenderness in her quads so were skipping that for now. Also had to order some Bear Komplex Hand Grips to help protect her hands. With the Lupus, she can't afford for a callus get bad as it could put a halt to her training. Healing takes much longer.

Her heartrate is way too high and doesn't recover well when doing cardio. I have her walking at 120-125 BPM to help improve this. Right not that's at about 2.8 MPH on the treadmill. Not sure if she's always been high or if the year of HIIT produced this problem.
Friday 5/10/19

Long Slow Distance Work: 2.49 Mile walk in 49:40 minutes at 119 avg BPM.

A+A Work
30 sets of swings at 16KG. Experimenting between 1 arm, 2 arm, sets of 5 and sets of 10. I started with trying snatches but need to watch a few videos to get it down. It was coming down way too hard on my skinny forearm.



Monday 5/13/19

Halos 16KG 3 x 5
Bench: 45lbs x 5, 85lbs x 5, 115lbs x 5, 135lbs 2 x 5, 135lbs 1 x 10

Certainly nothing to write home about but I am finally back to a big boy plate on each side!

Squat: 45lbs x 5, 135lbs x 5, 160lbs 2 x 5, 160lbs x 15 (AMRAP set)

+another 15 lbs and still no drop in reps. Riding the linear progression train. It won't be this easy to progress for long.

Cable Row: 140lbs 2 x 5, 140lbs x 9
Lying Triceps Extension: 62.5lbs 2 x 5, 62.5 lbs 1 x 9 (AMRAP set)
Prying Goblet Squats: 16KG 3 x 3

Tuesday 5/14/19

I did my 1st rucking session (well at least sense my military service). I started with 25lbs and completed 00:56:46 Duration / 2.75 mi Distance / 117 bpm Average heart rate


90% of the session was in the lower blue zone. I'm not sure if that is adequate for the cardio health improvement or if I need to step it up a tad. My dog Lotus is loving these long walks. I think she can go forever. She is a very active Cane Corso (some call them an Italian Mastiff).

Wednesday 5/15/19

OHP: 45lbs x 3, 85lbs 2 x 5, 85lbs x 10

Only added 2.5lbs on OHP over the last session. Slow and steady. OHP is grueling.

Dips: 2x5

Deadlifts: 135lbs x 5, 165lbs x 10

Again another 15lbs and still finished with 10 reps. These were done with a full reset as in 10 sets of 1. I was breathing pretty heavy after these.

Squats: 175lbs x 12

Squats weren't on the schedule today but I wanted to keep the progression going with just 1 set. My recovery feels good at the moment. + another 15lbs although I lost 3 reps. That's ok with me, especially after doing deadlifts.

Notes on the wife (AKA the Lupus Warrior):
Working on bar tracking on bench. She has a tendency to let the bar go to far down her body. We'll likely hold the weight were it is until it becomes automatic. Her adductors were really sore when she went to squat and she couldn't get a full range of motion. Once the soreness goes away she is going to strengthen this area with the program by Brett Contreras until she can be sure to squat regularly without any problems. It's been a tough week. Her lungs have been suffering from some inflammation and it has developed into pleurisy. She got a prednisone shot to help with this. Motivation is important with the setbacks. I try to help her see if she can go 2 steps forward to each step back she can progress up a mountain if she is consistent.
Welcome to the forum.

That is quite high RHR. You should definitely lower it down.

Good log and workouts.

I've registered 65-70 in the morning before getting out of bed. Much higher later in the day. It may be more stress related.
Friday 5/17/19

Bench: 45lbs x 5, 65lbs x 5, 115lbs x 5, 140lbs 2 x 5, 140lbs x 9 (AMRAP set)

Squat: 45lbs x 5, 135lbs x 5, 190lbs 2x5, 190lbs x 12 (AMRAP Set)
Deadlift: 180lbs x 7
Hit post too soon. Rest of the training session:

Seated Cable Row: 145lbs 2 x 5, 145lbs 1 x 7

Bench and squat felt good. +5 lbs on the bench but lost 1 rep. Added another 15lbs to the squat while still getting 12 reps.

Week 4:

Monday 5/20/19

OHP: 45lbs x 5, 65lbs x 5, 90lbs 2 x 5, 90lbs 1 x 8

Squat: 135lbs x 5, 205lbs 2 x 5, 205lbs x 12 (AMRAP set)

+15lbs over previous workout and still grinded out 12. One of the best powerlifters watched my last two sets and was emphasizing pushing out my knees more which helped me get a few extra reps.

CG Bench: 45lbs x 5, 115lbs x 5, 130lbs 2 x 5, 130lbs 1 x 9

Deadlift: 195lbs x 7

+15lbs from the previous workout.

Chin-ups (with green band): 1 x 5

Pull-ups (with green band): 1 x 5

Exhausted from the deadlifts so didn't have the energy to push these hard.

Wednesday 5/22/19

Bench: 45lbs x 5, 85lbs x 5, 145lbs 2 x 5, 145lbs x 9 (AMRAP set)

+ another 5lbs this week and maintained 9 reps.

Squat: 45lbs x 5, 135lbs x 5, 185lbs x 3, 220lbs x 10 (AMRAP set)

Added another 15lbs but lost 2 reps. If I did a set prior at the same weight I probably would have got 12. Wanted to just get the increased weight up for 1 work set as today was focused on deadlifts.

Deadlifts: 210lbs x 5

Added another 15lbs to the bar from the previous week. Bar didn't move at first but I tried again and got 5 reps.
I don't feel comfortable with my deadlift form yet. It doesn't feel like a smooth movement and I am weak coming off the floor. Any advice on where I am going wrong would be much appreciated.

Seated Cable Row: 150lbs x 6

Didn't think any other sets were needed after deadlifts.

Lying Triceps Extension: 65lbs 2 x 5, 65lbs 1 x 8
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Deadlift looks pretty good! Nice tight lats, no unwanted motion at the hips and a nice unison extension. Here are a few tips to keep polishing it.

  • The legs seem a little slack at lockout, meaning they may not be utilized to their fullest potential throughout the lift. Think of "static stomping" the platform, i.e. grinding your feet deep into the ground. This also relates to the 2nd point
  • The lockout becomes much stronger with the above tip, and the addition of finishing with the hips. Instead of leaning back, drive the hips forward with glute power! At the top, you should feel solid as a statue1
Keep up the good work!
Thursday 5/23/19

Long Slow Distance Session:
3.86 mile ruck carrying 25 pounds. Average BPM of 114.

Did this with the wife. It felt pretty good. I had a hard time keeping the heat rate up as high as I wanted it. Adding weight may be the best option as I'm not good at adding speed due to short strides.

Friday 5/24/19

OHP: 45lbs x 5, 70lbs x5, 95lbs 2x5, 95lbs 1 x 8 (AMRAP set)

Squats: 45lbs x 5, 135lbs x 5, 175lbs x 3, 205lbs x 2, 235lbs 2 x 5, 235lbs x 4, 235lbs x 5

CG Bench: 82.5lbs x 5, 115lbs x 3, 135lbs 2 x 5, 135lbs 1 x 8

Straight Arm Cable Pushdown: 55lbs 2 x 8

Starr Rehab Protocal
with DB Hammer Curls: 7.5lbs x 12, 5lbs 3 x 20

with Lying Triceps Extensions: 5lbs 3 x 20

Tough training session today. I got a 5lb increase for the same reps as the previous session for OHP. I was going to go up just 2.5lbs but my wife was using the only set of 1.25lb microplates.

For squat I added another 15lbs. Likely my last 15lb jump. I struggled with finding myself holding 1/2 the weight on my arms as if I was gonna press the weight up as I squat it. Even though I was trying not to do this I'd find myself doing it when pushing hard which is causing some elbow weakness on my presses as well as hurting my squat performance. With the set of 4, one of the powerlifters was adjusting my grip and back tightness. All in all, the working sets felt pretty heavy. I've watched some videos to correct the grip, now I just need to put them into action. Im going to lower to a 5lb increase next session as I sort this out.

CG Bench felt good. Plenty of strength to handle the 5lb increase. My left arm was shaky (due to the elbow issue from the squats) but it didn't seem to effect strength much or at all.

I skipped the planned chins and pullups to do the Starr Rehab Protocal to get some blood flowing into my elbow to stay ahead of any tendinitis. I was hoping nobody was watching me get my pump on and wondering what the heck I was doing doing curls (especially with 5lb dumbbells).

Notes on the wife (AKA the Lupus Warrior):

She is still dealing with some soreness in her adductors. It's getting a bit better as she's using DSMO for inflammation. We were shooting for 3 x 20 with just the bar for squats but she was getting pain after 10 reps. She did 6 x 10 instead to get bloodflow going and help her recover.

She's progressing steadily (2.5lbs per session) on the upper body lifts up to 57.5 x 8 on OHP and 82.5 x 8 on CG Bench for the AMRAP sets.
1 month stats based of final AMRAP sets:

Squats: 95lbs x 12 --> 235lbs x 5
Deadlifts: 135lbs x 7 --> 210lbs x 5
Bench: 115lbs x 10 --> 145lbs x 9
OHP: 65lbs x 9 --> 95lbs x 8

Bodyweight: plus 4lbs

1st month of linear progression is the most aggressive. For the second month I'm hoping for 40-50lbs on lower body lifts and 20-30lbs on upper body lifts.
Your 'MAF' hr would be around 140... so you don't want to exceed that for the 'most' of your LED training. But you also don't want to be too much lower than that either. 114 at your age seems rather low.

Conversely a RHR of 85 is pretty high. Do you also happen to measure blood pressure?
@offwidth blood pressure has always been good at the doctor's.

I need to look into ways to increase my heartrate without while rucking without running. I'm not against using the rower on occasion but the wife likes to spend time walking together.
1 month stats based of final AMRAP sets:

Squats: 95lbs x 12 --> 235lbs x 5
Deadlifts: 135lbs x 7 --> 210lbs x 5
Bench: 115lbs x 10 --> 145lbs x 9
OHP: 65lbs x 9 --> 95lbs x 8

Bodyweight: plus 4lbs

1st month of linear progression is the most aggressive. For the second month I'm hoping for 40-50lbs on lower body lifts and 20-30lbs on upper body lifts.

Excellent progress!
Week 5

Saturday 5/25/2019

4.48 mile walk with 30lb ruck. 1 hr and 34 minutes at 115 average BPM.

Sunday 5/26/2019

warmups: 65lbs x 5, 95lbs x 5, 120lbs x 3
work sets: 150lbs 2 x 5, 150lbs 1 x 9 (AMRAP set)

warmups: 45lbs x 5, 135lbs x 5, 185lbs x 3
work sets: 240lbs 2x5, 240lbs 1 x 8 (AMRAP set)

Seated Cable Row
150lbs 2 x 5, 150lbs 1 x 8 (AMRAP set)

Lying Triceps Extension
67.5lbs 2 x 5, 67.5lbs 1 x 8 (AMRAP set)

Starr Rehab Protocal w/ DB Hammer Curls (preventive, it feels good):
9lbs x 20, 9lbs x 15, 9lbs x 12

5lb PR on bench. Felt good. I only added 5lbs to the squat this session (another PR) as the last one I struggled with my hand grip position. The time I spent watching the correction video helped take the weight off my hands. I had to push really hard to get the 8 reps.

I'm doing linear progression on the assistance exercises and eating as well

Monday 5/27/2019
6.9 mile walk with 30lb ruck. Took 2 hrs and 42 minutes. About 122bpm for the first 1:30 when I actively reset the tracker. The last 1:10 averaged 1:14 as my feet and ankles were a bit sore. No soreness the next morning though as I used DMSO on it before bed.

Tuesday 5/28/2019

warmups: 45lbs x 5, 70lbs x 5
work sets: 100lbs 3 x 5
I forgot to it was the final AMRAP set so stopped at 5.

CG Bench
warmups: 85lbs x 5, 115lbs x 3
work sets: 140lbs 2 x 5, 140lbs 1 x 8 (AMRAP set)

220lbs x 3, 220lbs x 2, 220lbs x 5

Pullups w/orange band
2 x 5

Chinups w/orange band
2 x 5

Moved from the green band to the orange band this week to get less assistance. Definitely getting stronger on these although im increasing the difficulty by adding more bodyweight.

Notes on the wife (AKA the Lupus Warrior):

Succesfully adding 2.5lbs per session on upperbody lifts. She is also back to squatting with zero restrictions. Up to 100lbs 3 x 5 for today's session. When she gets to 135lbs 3 x 5 were going to splurge on pizza so she is motivated to get there.
Wednesday 5/29/2019

A+A session for 55 minutes on the prowler: started with 10 seconds pushes but then moved to 5 seconds pushes to keep heart rate down. I didn't count the repeats but judging by the BPM spikes it looks to be about 31. Average BPM of 129.


I really liked using the prowler for A+A work! Seemed to deliver more power than swings and I haven't perfected snatches yet. I will likely keep using the prowler for A+A sessions if it doesn't kill me.
Thursday 5/30/2019

warm ups: 55lbs x 5, 95lbs x 5, 125lbs x 3, 145lbs x 2
work sets: 165lbs 2 x 5, 165lbs 1 x 7 (AMRAP set)

This was way tougher then expected! The plan was for a 5lb increase over the previous session. I did not expect it to be ultra strenuous but pushed through it. The wife could not make her 2.5lb increase. It didn't make sense why it was so hard. She moved to a different bench to avoid re-racking the weights as we alternated and on the other bench it was easy. She was convinced the bar was heavier. Of course, I'm telling her that all the bars are 45lbs. Come to find out, after talking to the manager, the bench had a Texas Squat Bar set up on it which was 55lbs not 45lbs as expected. Well, I unknowingly grinded through a 15lb PR for reps! The last session was 150lbs x 9. As its linear progression that was a PR too.

warmups: 45lbs x 5, 135lbs x 4, 185lbs x 3, 225lbs x 1
work sets: 245lbs x 5, 245lbs x 3, 245lbs x 6 (AMRAP set)

Set #2 should have been for 5 but I miss-grooved and felt a bit uneasy with my knee for a second and thought it was best to play it safe.

Seated Cable Row
warmups: 100lbs x 5
work sets: 155lbs 2 x 5, 155lbs x 8 (AMRAP set)
Saturday 6/1/2019

warmups: 45lbs x 5, 70lbs x 5
work sets: 105lbs 3 x 5

warmups: 45lbs x 5, 135lbs x5, 185lbs x 3
work sets: 250lbs 2 x 5, 250lbs 1 x 8 (AMRAP set)

CG Bench
warmups: 95lbs x 5, 115lbs x 3,
work sets: 145lbs x 5, 145lbs x 8 (AMRAP set)

Bodyweight (185lbs) 2 x 4

Pullups: assisted with the orange band

2 x 6

Chinups: assisted with the orange band

1 x 5, 1 x 4
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