Joined a Gym to go my 1hr lunch........any ideas on what to train??


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As the title suggests, I've joined a Gym that's no more then 5 mins away from my place of so already i'm 10 mins down from my lunch break i want to go and start training as its hard to workout before and after at the minute...

Does anyone recommend anything to do a full body workout which makes me feel like i've done massive session that will will help me tone up and with that the weight should come off a little easier

I've looked on the internet at a lot of different ones but nothing seems to be catching my eye and 1 workout some say is good and then another person says its not sufficient

Thanks guys and gals


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Kettlebell Simple and Sinister. It doesn't need to feel "massive," it needs to be something that you can do and actually ending up doing consistently.

the gym itself is a samllish one so it all depends if there is space in doing the kettlebell exercises, is there a program you can recommend that will get a good workout in say 30-45 mins?

Gregor Samsa

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Power to the People is another good option if you like barbells and your gym has them.

The best workouts for this amount of time will feel easy and that might take some getting used to. The benefits are in the accumulation of volume over months or even years of consistent practice.


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Without knowing too much of your background and goals, I think you don't want a 'workout' in its conventional meaning (something leaving you sweaty, fatigued and gasping for air). As mentioned by others, something easy, as in easy strength, that leaves you energized, that you can do almost every day. Power to the people fits the bill. Throw in an hour long near-daily walk in the evening.


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PTTP sounds great for a daily lunch break. Get the book, it's full of good advice on lifting in general. I agree with the previous posters that how you feel after a workout does not necessarily correlate well with how it advances you towards your goals.


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If weight loss is your main goal, Simple & Sinister would be my recommendation (nutritional considersations notwithstanding).

If you're already taking steps to sort out your diet and improve your cardiovascular capacity, then PTTP is as close to a 'shortcut to strength' as you're likely to find.

Other than that, the most important thing is that no matter what you choose to do, stick with it and be patient and consistent. Make sure it's something that won't burn you out and that it's something you'll be able to do even when you don't feel like it.


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Does anyone recommend anything to do a full body workout which makes me feel like i've done massive session that will will help me tone up and with that the weight should come off a little easier
It seems that you want to lose fat. If that is the case, I don't think Power to the People is a great choice.

2 alternatives come to mind to improve body composition with 50 min per day:

- S&S
- 3/week barbell + 2/week cardio

For the barbell option, there are many alternatives. Tactical Barbell is designed just like that. There are other alternatives. If you want to stay within SF, I think Faleev has a 3 day alternative? Not sure how that goes with cardio though.


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Hej @IggyM
You have found a good corner on the web for workout recommentations.

A couple of pointers:
  • Focus on big, compound movements for more basic human movements. For example Deadlifs or Kettlebell Swings for the hinge/lower body pull, Goblet Squat or Zercher Squat for squat, Bench Press or KB Military Press for upper body push, Rows or Pullups for upper body pull.
  • Focus on raw strength. Therefore, lift comfortable heavy weights most of the time. Stay fresh. Don't go to failure. Take at 2-5 minutes of rest. Usually 2-5 sets of 3-5 reps with a weight you could lift for 6-10 times.
  • Stay away (at least at the beginning) from everything that is "metcon", "tabata" "HIIT", "finisher" or along the lines of a "brutal core blaster" or whatever
  • Focus on consistency over time.
  • It is not about sweating or getting sore. It is about teaching your body and nervous system to get stronger and lift heavier weights.
  • It is not about tools (barbell, KB, dumbbell, sandbags, etc.) but about moving, loading and proper form.
  • Take the time to get technique right. Work with a personal instructor, especially and SFL or SFG.
  • If you want fat loss, focus on (a) Kettlebell ballistics (mostly KB swings) and (b) proper nutrition and calories.
Along those lines the most straightforward apporaches to minimalist (and thus sustainable!) lifting are probably found in these two books:
Power to the people
Tactical Barbell 1 (3rd edition)

For example you might want to start Operator Template from Tactical Barbell with Zercher Squats and Bench Press, 3x per week and do 100 KB swings in sets of 5-10 reps (for example 20x5 or 10x10) and enough rest (can you talk again?) afterwards or on inbetween days. Warmup with anything you like, but for example with rocking and crawling from Original Strength. Hang from a bar after your session to improve shoulder mobility and decompress the spine. Do very light passive stretching for the hips (pigeon pose or 9090 stretch) and probably something for the shoulders. "Arm Bars" or "Lounge Chair stretches" could be good options.

Stuff like this will get you very far ahead of the game. The results that you are looking for will follow. You will feel better, stronger and also look better. Your conditioning and posture will likely improve.

All of the suggestions above from other folks are basically "same but different" recommendations. Focus on quality programs with very few quality lifts and show up again and again. And leave the gym feeling STRONGER and not gassed.


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Search for escalating density training. These programs by their nature are a set length over the course of a training cycle and you progress by adding more volume per session.

Steve Freides

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I used to go to a gym once a week. I did bw pistols and pull-ups holding a hex dumbbell between my feet. I didn’t touch their barbells or kettlebells.

You mention wanting “full body” movements. You don’t necessarily need to think in those terms.

You have many, probably too many, choices. You could pick a suitable kettlebell and do 5 presses, rack the bell, do 5 front squats, switch sides and repeat, rest 5-10 minutes, repeat the above, and be done. You could press a barbell and front squat it. The list is endless.



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I agree that PTTP is a great guide to five days per week training and just follow it up with some intense action like intervals or sprints on rower, treadmill etc. I've also got great results from Justa Singles #1 over five days by dropping the 3 and 5 rep days (eg 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 heavyish singles). Likewise followed up with intense activity. All the best!

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Does anyone recommend anything to do a full body workout which makes me feel like i've done massive session that will will help me tone up and with that the weight should come of
Any time body composition is brought up, I think body part splits just like bodybuilders do is a good way to go. Not that other methods don't achieve good body composition but they train that way for a reason. There is something to be said for the motivation that comes from quicker results and if that helps stay the course it's very valuable.
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