Jon jones in trouble........AGAIN


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MMA Fighting: UFC champion Jon Jones arrested for aggravated DWI, negligent use of firearm in Albuquerque.
Will Dana bail him out again and give him whatever he wants? Another slap on the wrist?
As a licensed firearms owner, I'm curious if the firearm found was registered and if he was legally allowed to carry and possess it? Did he have a conceal carry permit since it was hidden? Us law abiding licensed owners have so many rules and regulations we have to follow. One little minor slip up and that's it for us. But criminals can get away with anything.
Strip him of the title and throw the book at him.


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Unbelievable. He is probably the most talented guy ever to set his foot in the ocatagon, but he is clearly a notorious, destructive retard outside of it.


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Bloody Elbow: Report: Officer present at Jon Jones’ DWI arrest is subject of racial profiling complaints. Report: Officer present at Jon Jones’ DWI arrest is subject of racial profiling complaints

Look at that. How convenient. Is he pretty much getting a get out of jail/stay out of jail card? Even if there is racial profiling, he still did the crime and was caught with evidence, intoxicated, and a loaded firearm. And with him repeatedly saying he has anxiety he is trying to play the mental health card. In these times we all have anxiety.


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And he's pretty much off the hook.
TSN: UFC champ Jones pleads guilty to 2nd DWI. UFC light heavyweight champ Jones pleads guilty to 2nd DWI -
Unreal. Like a few say, they'll keep letting him off the hook until he kills someone. He was negligently firing off a handgun that he tried to conceal. If he has all these mental issues he was claiming, how is he able to posses a firearm? Also, they aren't even giving him any firearm ban or restrictions.
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