Jump rope

Gary Wilson

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Its something id like to learn, it can be done when im short on time which is most of the time, im thinking of adding it 2 or 3 times a week starting with 5mins working up to 20 mins 3 x a week.

At the moment im doing the dmpm workout MWF with 15-25 reps depending how i feel that morning, would it be bad to jump rope on days off?
Dmpm isn't that demanding but i do the exercises back to back and it gets the heart pumping.
I can only do a few skips before tripping at the moment so id like to get better!


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The hardest part about learning to jump rope is not getting frustrated. I find on some days I get rather ticked off when my form's not there and from then on it only gets worse. If I keep a cool head it gets a lot easier.

It's a wonderful exercise and it carries over to just about anything involving the use of the legs and/or the cardiorespiratory system.
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jump rope is awesome. 5-7 mins for warmup, 5-7 mins at the end of a session. Your cardio is probably covered that way as well. Don't go too hard, try to get into a nice rhythm, mix it up a bit.

Gary Wilson

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It sounds like you've got a good thing going - rucking, jump rope, dmpm..

try jumping rope for a few minutes each morning, wakes you up like crazy.
This is the plan, i dont get a lot of time during the week and workout in the mornings, i do find i get worn out easy from long heavy sessions as im getting older so keeping it all short session easy going stuff with one long ruck/run/cycle on the weekends

This morning I done 5min with the rope, then s&s warm up then dmpm and then 5min sun salutation cool down. All done in about 45mins.
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