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  1. lokate

    lokate Triple-Digit Post Count

    i was just wondering if anybody know this routine. i seems like it would give great reults.

    or is this just one of the many so called ultimate workout routine?
  2. scottyanderson

    scottyanderson First Timer

    I'm fairly knowledgeable about this routine. I started this program last november and I am still doing it. I have noticed drastic results to be honest. My only tip is to be consistent with it. Do not miss a day. Here is a review of the program I found for you if you need more info http://inersche.com/2015/01/31/27/ . I was intimidated by it at first but it is honestly really easy to get into. I went from being 214 at 5 10 and 25 percent body fat to sitting right now at 160 at around 13 percent body fat.  I'm impressed haha
  3. JZB

    JZB Triple-Digit Post Count

    What the hell kind of rabbit hole did I just crawl down?  I'm pretty sure Scott Anderson is a spambot and specforce alpha is some kind of Tim&Eric spoof of the fitness industry.
  4. lokate

    lokate Triple-Digit Post Count

    does this mean this routine doesnt excist? i cant find a site to order that product if i wanted it.

    it says about 20 mintes a day, what can you do in 20 minutes that will give you the results they promise?

    any examples of workouts, off course it doenst have to be a complete workout but just a little example?

  5. JZB

    JZB Triple-Digit Post Count

    I have no idea.  Every review of it is on some BS page with little other content and is poorly written.  If it's real, it's probably garbage.  Expensive garbage.  What are your goals?  What are you hoping to get out of a program?  There's already enough free material available on this site alone to keep somebody busy and progressing for years.  I saw you asking about Kettlebell Muscle.  That's a great program, do that.  Or do S&S.  Or the new Program Minimum.  Or the old Program Minimum.  Or the Rite of Passage.  Or Power to the People.  Or do the Total Tension Kettlebell Complexes.  Or alternate two weeks of Power to the Poeple with two weeks of the new Program Minimum if you like changing it up but still want to make progress.  Just do whatever it is and stick with it and ignore the noise around you making promises of fast gains, ripped abs and being a babe magnet.
  6. lokate

    lokate Triple-Digit Post Count

    hey jzb, i do follow a specific routine for my needs, i just saw this and was curious. thats all :
  7. the hansenator

    the hansenator More than 500 posts

    The marketing sure sounds good and appeals to one's machismo. I don't know anything about the program except what's in the marketing but I remember hearing that Pavel has some experience getting spec ops people into shape :)
  8. crt1

    crt1 Triple-Digit Post Count

    Scott Anderson: by my math, you lost 21 lbs of muscle.  Wow, great program!  I hope for your sake you are a spambot!
  9. JZB

    JZB Triple-Digit Post Count

    Does the video on the webpage ever actually end?  I made it three minutes in and that's all the Nu Metal and SWAT team footage I could take.
  10. lokate

    lokate Triple-Digit Post Count

    hey jzb, same here. a very long,long, video and at the end you dont no nothing, only that there are secrets to get a strong body without training hours a day.

    for the rest you cant find a review or examples, its even hard to find a site were you can find more information or were you can order the workout. its a very strange story.
  11. Jason Ginsberg

    Jason Ginsberg More than 500 posts

    Although Mr. Anderson's post was clearly spam, there was one gem hidden within it:

    "My only tip is to be consistent with it."

    cf:  http://www.strongfirst.com/topic/is-the-rop-better-then-ss/
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  12. Dave0317

    Dave0317 Triple-Digit Post Count

    Looks like Mr. Spambot himself showed up. You would think that in a thread in which you are accused of spam you would type out an intelligent post like a human (even a salesman) and not repeat the same garbage everyone was just making fun of.
  13. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    Dave0317, offending post has been removed.

    Everyone, please use the Report button to let me know about things like this. If it happens a lot, we'll come up with a plan to deal with it.

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