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Off-Topic Just for your "courage corner"

Marcus Aurelius

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Nice! Is that a home made pull up bar? I've been looking to get a freestanding one like that, but everything I see online has bits and pieces dangling off it.

Hello Augustus,

This is the link to the pull up stand : Elite XL Freestanding Pullup Bar

I personally love it. It's able to be adjusted down, so you can do australian pull-ups. It's extremely lightweight as well. They also offer an option to get a seperate bar that has neutral grip handles and can double as a dip station.

I don't think the bar would be good for anything kipping or anything explosive like muscle ups. I have seen people weigh the base down though and be able to do muscle ups but I wouldn't recommend it.

Let me know if you want more pics or if you have any other questions.

Sean M

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Level 5 Valued Member

Not really. :(

Tobias Wissmueller

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Store the bar vertically. Lean the plates up against the wall.


The only option I guess and sufficient. Always thought I needed rack or squat stand as well. Just read a couple days ago that PTTP, and of course DDD, does not require one at all ... The 2x2m of space would also be fine if I place the bar diagonal? Would that be okay, @Steve Freides?
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