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Off-Topic Just for your "courage corner"


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Here's version 2.0 of my courage corner:Courage_Corner_2.0.jpg

From left to right: Wolverson black series kettlebells (24kg, 16kg, 32kg), CoC grippers (#1 and T), Adidas Power Perfect 3 weightlifting shoes, York 'international' 30mm 20kg barbell, foam roller, broomstick, 100kg of bumper plates (2×5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg), lifting straps, Rogue HG barbell collars, plastic mat, jump rope, non-branded el-cheapo 2.5kg and 1.25kg rubber coated plates.

FYI, all of this is nicely hidden behind the sofa.

Not pictured: Paralettes, gymnastic rings, doorway pull-up bar, resistance bands and other assorted gumph.

Adam R Mundorf

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Just moved out of my parents house this past June. The great thing about kettlebells is that they easily came with me.

In the pictures below I have my kettlebells, trapeze rigging xl pull up bar (can't put up half of it because of ceiling height), full captains of crush gripper set and a small tribute to my late friend Jack Bogle. As simple as everything here seems, I can get allot accomplished if I just work the plan.

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Here is mine. Simple but Sinister. ;)
There is a football to replace pair of sneakers on SF hip bridge, some liquid chalk and 16, 24, 28 & 32 kettlebells.
Oh and the Jack bottle... S&S book says it`s forbidden to drink water during the session.
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