Just released: Pavel's new book


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Just ordered the paperback to the United Kingdom.  I have ETK already & am guessing this book will made up of get ups & swings like the PM section from ETK but I think it will cook the exercises in a slightly different manner.  Pavels technique has evolved since ETK & am looking forward to many new  tips & trips to mastering the exercises.  I am guessing the next edition will be like the Rite Of Passage section from ETK with a few tweaks.....

less volume.


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Started it tonight. I decided to check my ego at the door and drop a KB size from my three day/week weight until I adjust to every day training. Don't want to set myself up for failure right from the start.


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Purchased the hard copy and audio version.  Couldn't wait for the book so I threw my headphones on...grabbed a KB...and was instantly transported back to my previous RKC and RKC II certs!  Then there were those gems that went beyond!   An awesome evening!  Just the thing to erase the "turkey daze."

Also love the new "warmup" and evening stretches.

Strength to you, Pavel, for keeping us focused on what REALLY MATTERS!...and WORKS!

Andrew Palmer

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The sample progressions alone are worth more than the price. I'm applying that to my Justa's singles routine.

Hopefully S&S won't be referred to as a "fitness" title or some rubbish like that, because this is top of the food-chain instruction.

Physical Culture

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I got the Kindle version.  To be honest, it's the first time I bought a Pavel book without feeling like I'd been charged way too much money.  I paid $35 for Return of the Kettlebell.  It's a great book, but it's just a paperback book.  Good to see StrongFirst providing a quality product at a fair price.

S&S is excellent, by the way.


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I second that Steve. I bought the kindle version because at DD the books were up there in price and shipping to Canada was usually the same price as the book, which made it quite expensive. Thanks everyone at SFG for making such knowledge available and affordable.


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This is such a great read. Reminds me so much of the earliest versions of Pavel's works.Direct to the point, all meat ,no potatoes and full of what Pavel does so much better than anyone else- make the complex simple.
And make you want to go do it NOW!
got me all fired up to train- PLUS it gives total props to my favorite swing version, the One Arm Swing.:)

A perfect start for his first StrongFirst book.

kb dan

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Ordered the paperback version and also got the audio version. Been with Pavel since 2011 when I bought ETK and haven’t looked back. I knew this guy was worth listening to when he said during the making of kettlebells bonus on ETK “That liquid hot iron will be cast into kettlebells. It’s hot. It’s manly.”

Really like what I’ve heard in the audiobook so far and I’m looking forward to the paperback.


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The sample progressions alone are worth more than the price. I’m applying that to my Justa’s singles routine.

I'm not sure that I get how to read the progressions in the tables as they are formatted on my kindle.  Do they progress across the columns or down one column and then down the other?


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Okay Mark, I sent you my email address.

One thing that I'll say as a peripheral member of this community.  I've read S & S once through in detail and have been going back to reread it in bits and pieces.

What most impresses me is the tone of the book.  Pavel is obviously a strong personality who isn't afraid to take positions boldly, but this book really impresses me in that it so obviously lacks narcissism.  He references what he has learned from the other members of the community ubiquitously.  I really got a sense of this book as a testament to a community of people working together with a common goal to get stronger.


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Pavel was my teacher, then a mentor, he became my friend and is now my partner.

He is the real deal, a straight talker and an effective leader.

The book is a reflection of the best of this community, I hope you enjoy it.


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Uk / overseaguys beware, shipping doesn't include export duty charges.

When the package turns up you may after pay more cash. It does say this on the booking form though. :-(


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Amazon lets you download Kindle books to more than one device.  So the charts and pictures that I could not quite see on my Kindle Reader are crisp and clean if I open the book up on Kindle for my PC.


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Ladies and gents, thank you for your kind words!
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