Just released: Pavel's new book

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Ordered, of course.  Been following Pavel since the beginning and have ordered every book or video he's produced.  Most of them more than once (they have a way of getting borrowed but not returned:)  I am very excited about this book as I feel I really need to re-focus and have been dying for something new from Pavel.  Hope there is more coming soon!  Congrats to Pavel and StrongFirst, your success was a foregone conclusion!  Happy holidays!




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Ordered the Kindle version as soon as it was released. Read it twice. Got a feeling that I'll still get more out of it when I read it again. May order the hard copy as some point as well.

The example weight progressions are, in my opinion, worth the price of the book alone. Knowing how to progress up to the next size bell in an intelligent way is invaluable.

I love the simplicity of it. No experience in programming is necessary, just do what the book says. I love it!

I do have one question though. In ETK the slow lifts are done before the swings, in S&S the order is reversed with the swings being done first followed by the Get-Ups. I always thought doing the slow lifts first was the best way of doing things. I know Pavel always has a good reason for doing something, so what is the reasoning behind the change of order?




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So pleased with this book.

I'm a KB newbie, been doing ETK PM for a few months, but this book has taught me so much more. The instruction (especially get-ups) is so clear and concise, and for me the "do this" nature of the new S&S program (with reps and weights described) is perfect.

I loved doing the old PM, but feel that S&S is putting me more on the right track.

Power to you Pavel!


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Yes, as John East says, be curious to understad the thinking behind the ballistics first.


I bought the Kindle version. Value for money?

Yes, and then some.

I like that you also don't feel as though I am being squeezed to buy a DVD as well - the instructions, as Mark Toomey said in response to my question above, are detailed enough. The book also talks you through the mobility drills and stretches you'll benefit from, without telling you to buy more products. I love that.

It is a complete, self-contained programme.

There was an old football coach (I refuse to call it soccer!!) here in the UK who said: "Simplicity is genius."

Here it is.

Thanks and congrats to all at SF.

Jason Paul

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Regarding doing the swings before the TGUs - see this thread:

<a title="http://www.strongfirst.com/topic/is-this-right/" href="http://www.strongfirst.com/topic/is-this-right/">http://www.strongfirst.com/topic/is-this-right/</a>



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When I was a young infantryman over 25 years ago I remember asking my platoon seargent why we always did the same old stuff in the field. Where were all of the high speed drills? This guy was a Marine Corp Vietnam vet. He said "son you got to master the fundamentals because the high speed stuff is based in the fundamentals. You get the fundamentals down and that stuff just comes natural". Years later I saw this echoed in Pavel's writings. This new book is a return to the fundamentals with a vengeance. It is an awesome work.


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Where do I go to buy the hard copy version?  All I see is the Kindle and Audio version.   Is a NOOK version coming?  I have a NOOK.


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Ordered it 29th and it got to me today. Not bad considering it took a trip to sweden and that the guys delivering didn't find my house at first (Have I ever told you I atm live in a small house in village with 70people and we just got 12inches of snow today?)


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I've read it twice and I must say I really like it. Perhaps not what I wanted the most (Strong First Big Book of Barbells, feel free to steal the name too) but I recognize the type of program and it's use. Having read too much Dan John I believe in a sensible aproach and not looking for the new shiny object all the time. This is a great beginner book, a program that anyone regardless of level can do and I did enjoy (maybe most) the finer points of hardstyle explained by Pavel. I wouldn't say masterpeice but it is a very reasonable book... And this is what most people need, reasonable.


I have begun to question if I'm going to see another masterpeice in trainingbooks. Consider the unholy trinity of PTTP, ETK and NW. It is the foundation of hardstyle. While each book probably could be expanded upon and refined the system has been explained. These are the best books in training I have read (consider that all librarians here know me by first name and greet me when I come in, I've had them borrow training litterature from all over Swedens librarys so I could read). I may yet be suprised... I hope.


However I love that the book quotes both Feynman and Taleb. All good books do. If I had to rate it I would probably rate it 4/5. If I was a beginner I would have loved this book and it would have been a 5/5. Considering where I am now and what I want I would give it an 3/5 so I even it out to a 4/5. I am picky but to be honest, it's Pavels fault. He has realeased alot of good material. Maybe he has spoiled me with good books.


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Still reading Mr. Tsatsouline's new book. Getting great tips. In the past I always tried to work my way up to 300 swings ( albeit badly ) and always did it wrong; that is why I always had a tight back after swinging. Now I am learning patience with the low rep new PM.


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I've probably read this book 4 times by now, looked up several things multiple times and came to the conclusion: it's pretty awesome.  It's pretty dense in information for a "fitness-book" and somewhat refreshingly short and concise in it's statements.

As someone who is pretty new to strength training, this is probably one of the best and most informative reads I had on this subject (out of the 10+ books I have consumed on it in the last year).


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Okay I got the Physical Book today. Very nice! Love the format and the layout in the book is nicer than how it comes out on Kindle. Overall for the quality and FULL COLOR at half the price of the other stuff from that other place this is FANTASTIC!

Now I do have some suggestions...

1.) Maybe since they are print on demand this was just my copy but all the left pages are angled slightly up to the right.

2.) The Gamma levels for the photos are a bit dark/or it is the paper selected. You may want to look at that.

Chris F.

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Have to agree with Mike. I was able to afford the hard copy and the kindle (very convenient to use on my phone while I am away to review  the stretches, etc.) all for less than one book from the "other place."

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see Pavel make $--the man deserves it--but I do appreciate the reasonable price. Of course I've never felt that I wasted money on his books. I can't say the same for some of the other newer authors that have hit the scene recently.

Anyway, bottom line for a woking stiff like me with mouths to feed, the price is great and the work is fantastic!


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Just got the book in the mail and oh boy is it pretty. Awesome work to those who designed it.


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Andy, Rachel Darvas, SFG II is the designer.  One strong and creative lady.
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