Just tried snatches


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Today after my s&s Session and some rest, I tried 1x5 1 arm snatch with my current 24kg bell for the first time. Very eye opening. I read an article on how similar the swing and the snatch can be. I now know for sure it's definitely more than the swings.


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You might want to ease into them with a 16 or 20....
You're right.

I've been copying some tutorials with my 16 just two or three reps at a time for form and learning the timing and I'm starting to get used to my 24k bell as it starts to easily fly very high in my swings.

But I agree, if I'm gonna incorporate snatches into my practice it's got to be with my 16. I was panting a bit after the 24k snatches. Haven't felt like that since I tried to advance the progression 2 weeks early when I was over confident going to the 24 from 16.

Oso Rojo

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The snatch is a cruel temptress. It will take all you have, give you a fun right, and leave you gasping for breath and your hands all torn up, hahaha. I love that power feeling as you swing hard on the way down and then unload to propel the bell back up. I don't know why but I love the snatch, but it doesn't love me, hahaha.


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I love the feeling of doing snatches, but it is like a toxic girlfriend who wants to tear up my hands. But that feeling of “completion”, of the bell just “going THERE” is quite addictive. I know they say the swing is the basic building block but it doesn’t give the same fun for sure.

I only started doing snatches about 6-7 weeks ago, worked up from a 12kg ... now doing about 70-80 snatches per side a week with the 24kg. So be patient!
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