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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Shawn90, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Shawn90

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    Anyone know a great beginner to advanced guide on kettlebell juggling ?

    Searching titles for ''jugg'' = 0 results, none present on the forum ?

    thx in advance
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  2. Mirek

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  3. Geoff Chafe

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  4. Hasbro

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    Check out the H2H (Hand to Hand) series by Jeff Martone. There’s 3 dvd’s H2H 1 “Kettlebell Drills”, H2H 2 “Harder, Faster, Stronger”, and H2H “ Kettlebell Circuits”. Jeff is a well respected guy in the fitness community and both Pavel and Brett Jones endorse his work so that should tell you something. If you can only get 1 dvd I would think H2H 2 might be what you’re looking for. I’ve got the “KB Circuits” dvd and believe me these workouts will toast you along with improving your hand to hand juggling skills. You can find the dvd’s at the store on his website at TacticalAthlete.com. Also go to YouTube and do search for a video titled “Kettlebell Juggling, Jeff Martone”. He puts on a great demonstration of the kind of juggling you can expect to learn. I tried embedding it here but it’s not working for some reason.
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  5. Pavel Macek

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  6. Shawn90

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    I love old stuff. This also reminds me of what I read this afternoon in a book by Thomas Inch: Juggle: Kettle weights are spun in the air and caught by the hands, first in one hand and then in the other, always spinning the handle away from you, NOT towards you

    I haven't seen these video's before. Thx !!
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  7. taikei

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    During RKC era, Gus Petersen was way ahead of the game in juggling. Probably more intense than Jeff Martone and anyone else because this guy specialized in it. He has series of DVDs.

    DVDs | ProEdge Kettlebells
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  8. Steve W.

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    Gus was an instructor at my RKC cert and was doing all kinds of crazy KB juggling. Lots of spinning footwork, horizontal KB flipping (helicopter style spins) and behind the back releases and catches.

    Great stuff and seemed like a great guy.
  9. Glen

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    Query - apart from insta likes, why?

    Not being facetious but genuinely asking what people propose the benefits are?
  10. Tjerr

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  11. WxHerk

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    I train about 6:30 a.m. and often juggle a 16kg for/during my warmups. Along with @Tjerr ‘s excellent reasons, I also find that it dials my concentration in and makes me more mindful. Also, juggling requires a good hipsnap. You simply can't juggle for long without a crisp, well timed hipsnap.
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  12. Bauer

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    I am often intrigued by KB juggling. There are a couple of videos on youtube featuring Chinese, Russian or German senior gireviks juggling KBs. I wonder whether KB juggling somehow keeps the CNS and body fresh in a way that grinds are not capable of.

    It is probably pretty self-limiting and flow-state promoting. Teaches rhythm, reflexive strength/stability and the art of alternating between tension and relaxation, which is critical for many sports.

    That being said I have never really tried it and especially not in any organized format.
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  13. Kiacek

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    +1 on Jeff Martone!
    Juggling is so much fun, but you will drop the bell if you do it long enough (so quick feet and a floor you don't care about are essential).
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  14. Northern Kettlebells

    Northern Kettlebells Triple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    I highly recommend Logan Christophers Kettlebell Juggling.


    Quality tutorials starting with the basics and going onto advanced moves like double kb's and partner work.

    I really liked the Ranking System as it helped me structure my training and set goals.

    Like I said, I can't recommend it enough. If you have any questions about it let me know

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