Kb strong and The ONE program


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@Thomas Veatch can you do 2x24kg x1 press? Try long rests and do 5x1 with the 2x24kg and work up to 10x1 then you should be able to start regular KB Strong with 2x24kg.

Bill Been

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This ^^. You're done with 16s. Do singles with 24s until you can do sets of 2 without the cleans, then do those until you can add the cleans, then do the program.


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Another option Thomas, follow STRONG set and rep scheme as written but alternate sessions between C&P and FSQ. That way you will be doing single reps of C&P for a few weeks and using the FSQs to build your strength base. In the next run of STRONG do all sessions with C&P. This worked well for me.


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Did somebody do KBS from C&J or DBSN?

What effects?
I am thinking about the SHORT  from C&J.
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