KB Strong/The One copy available?


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I just completed the Geoff Neupert 12 Week KB Muscle Building Master Plan and loved it and wanted to move on to another double KB program by Mr. Neupert , namely STRONG or The ONE based on the great things I've heard about both of them. If there is anyone who could help me out in attaining a copy of either one of these I would appreciate it very much. Anxious to move into one of those programs if at all possible. Thanks in advance for any help.


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Thanks for the quick reply and info. Greatly appreciated, however I have looked all through Scribd and can’t find either one anywhere. Could absolutely be user error on my part. Either way I am not trying to bypass normal channels or get anything free. I’d be happy to purchase either one or both. Just that my understanding is they are not available any longer for purchase. Again, any help is greatly appreciated.


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I didn't have any intention of causing issues by asking. Just enjoyed the program immensely that Mr. Neupert wrote that I just finished and wanted to move on to more of his programming. I looked up those two programs and understand that they are great so wanted to give one or both a try. If there is a legitimate way to do so that would be great. I just know they are hard to come by if I understand correctly. If this isn't possible and there is any other strength focused double KB programs that are very similar to these I would love to hear about them. The more I searched the more those two seemed to keep coming up consistently. Thanks as always. I read the forum a lot and have gained a lot from it. Just hadn't posted prior to now.


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I have Strong and willing to sell. I'm in UK though, if you are OK with international post.
PM me if interested, cheers.


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I pay my monthly subscription fee. There are tons of training resources.
My point was that "Kettlebell Strong" was never released by the author as an ebook or PDF. Therefore any version on Scribd would be an unauthorized copy. I have Kettlebell Strong and I've never seen either Strong or One published online by the author.

Perhaps you were thinking of other articles and information that Geoff has posted online. Those may be fair game for reproduction on Scribd.

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Scribd - a controversial topic. Anyone interested might consider reading their take on things here:

About copyright | Scribd

and following some of the links.

Let's not discuss the legal and ethical implications of Scribd here in this thread. Start a new thread in Everything Else if you want to continue on that topic.



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For what it’s worth, I just checked and didn’t see Strong anywhere on Scribd. A bunch of Neupert’s other stuff is though
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