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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Nacho, May 15, 2019.

  1. Nacho

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    During the first hike pass when I start a set, am I supposed to breath in as normally during downswing, or should I breath in just before I start the set so I would hold my breath during the first hike pass?

    I just had a couple of weeks break during holiday and for some weird reason Im not sure how to breath in this phase now. :) I have no idea what I did before...
  2. Bunn

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    For me, I give a big exhale just before beginning the hike pass, then, just after the bell leaves the floor I begin my inhale. I had previously been inhaling prior to the start and to me, it seemed like I was holding that breath for too long. My current technique feels more natural and I perceive a little more power during that first movement.
  3. Tony Gracia

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    That's probably more personal preference than anything else, I wouldn't say one is "right" and the other is "wrong" ... maybe just make a conscious effort to try both styles and see what is more comfortable for you and try to be consistent with it.
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  4. JamesPTA

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    I sniff in through the nose just before pulling off the ground and"tssskt" out after I snap my hips forward on the first rep. I feel this helps set the tone and pace of the breathing for the entire set. My only issues with breathing is toward the end of the swing session as my "tssskt" turns into more of a "phooough" before I have to reign myself in.
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  5. bencrush

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    I've tried both styles and ended up settling on just "letting it happen." Overthinking the breathing aspect (at least for me) wasn't doing anything positive for the rest of the set.
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