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Just wondering if anyone has any quick tips for transporting their kettlebells. I like taking my KB to the track, hills, etc. I usually put it on the floormat of the front passenger seat of my car but it still rolls around and smacks things pretty hard, hard enought to cause damage. I'm sure there's a simple solution but it's escaping me right now.


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On floormat of back seat (behind front passenger seat), push front seat back as far as possible so the KB is stuck between front and back seat.
That's how i transport mine.

KB on any seat, seatbelt through the handle.
KB in backpack, bowling bag etc. and then on seat, seatbelt through handle of backpack/bag.


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I used to transport mine all the time and would have a small box in the back of my car. It was a cardboard box so I reinforced it with ducttape. It's simple but effective.


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Milk crate in the boot (trunk for you 'mericans)

Put two or three crates in there if they will fit and it will stop everything sliding around.
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