Keith Weber's Extreme Kettlebell Series

Sand Yeti

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Curious to see what folks of this forum think of Keith Weber's series.

How would, or have you, incorporated/alternated with Pavel's various programs? (More specifically w/ S&S, ROP, or SFG 1 prep)



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I have the first one. They are basically met-con type programs which for me work for a bit before I begin to really feel ran down.

Each segment of Weber's videos is short. You could do one for a quick workout or do a few. For a longer killer session you can run through the whole video.

They are not for the in-experienced, you will need experience with the snatch and just about all of the other kettlebell movements. There is no instructional part to the video. There is also no warm up.

If I were to put these into use with S&S or ROP I would use the video for a 30 minute session or so just once per week. Honestly I like Viking Warrior Conditioning once per week better if that is what I'm looking for.

I wouldn't use this at all if I were training for the SFG. There are just too many other things one needs to work on and better ways to train for the 5 minute snatch test.

Just my 2 cents.

Shahaf Levin

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I just saw his add, so can't comment on content, but it looks like a metcon workout.

It is neither good nor bad, but IMO both approaches are misaligned to a degree that prevents negotiating between the programs in an efficient way.
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