Kettlebell carryover to PTTP deadlift & press?

Discussion in 'Barbell' started by freeflowme, May 29, 2019.

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    Hey all,

    I'm going to be traveling for 3 weeks this summer, and I really want to stay consistent with my PTTP workouts. In some of the places we'll be, getting to a gym isn't going to be feasible. I'm considering lugging my barbell and bumper plates along with us, but my wife's not such a big fan of that idea ROFL. If push comes to shove, is it possible that I could experience some WTH! effects from doing kettlebell swings and either TGUs or presses while traveling? Or would I likely see my barbell lifts drop off a little bit and need to cycle back up due to lack of handling the same actual weight each day?

  2. Sean M

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    If it were me, I'd take a kettlebell and do 3-4 days a week of alternating days of S&S style goblet squats, swings, and get-ups, and a day of either "strength aerobics" (clean-press-snatch-squat x 1-2 EMOM x 20-30 minutes) or something like the Moving Target Complex (clean-press-squat, laddering the press 2-3-5 and then a squat series 2-3-5 and end with a clean series of 4-6-10 for a conditioning finisher). Don't worry about barbell training when you get back. Start back a day or two from where you ended, if the bar is flying up that first day back, increase the weight jump on day 2, and by day 3 you're back on track.
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    I'm admittedly a little behind in the kettlebell game. My last experience was years ago following the EtK Program Minimum & Rite of Passage, and I haven't had a chance to check out Simple & Sinister and the revised program(s) yet. Would it be a bad idea to do something PTTP-like with a kettlebell - i.e. 5 days/week of light-medium swings + presses, the same workout each day but up-cycling the volume a bit each day?
  4. Sean M

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    You could. That’s basically the PM. S&S “systematizes” the PM into 100 swings (10x10) and 10 getups (5 per side) after a warm-up of 3x5 goblet squats. You can start with 20 sets of 5 swings and 3 get-ups per side if you want. For training, rest intervals are by feel.

    It’s a vacation - just get some good movement in. I bet if you didn’t do anything at all you’d actually not decline after you get back and might even do better (resting allows accumulated stress to dissipate, allowing a greater performance peak than if you are held back by accumulated stress).
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  6. Antti

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    Three weeks only? You won't get weaker in that time. Enjoy the travelling. If you feel like exercising, do something GTG style.
  7. Kozushi

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    Work on your one arm pushup and one leg squat aka pistol squat.

    You won't lose any strength in 3 weeks alone. That's too short a time.
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    I stopped in our local d@#$'s Sporting Goods and got the feel for a few kettlebells before ordering a 24kg with a better powder coating on it today. Looking forward to a bit of kettlebell work whilst on the road - I think I've about run my current course with PTTP (after ~4.5 months of it, I'm not noticing the same progress that I was, in fact I think it's stalling). I'm contemplating doing something like the 40 Day Program but with kettlebells. I was thinking:

    1) Posterior chain movement: Goblet Squats or One-Legged Kettlebell Deadlifts (goblet squats don't really hit the posterior chain the same way LBBSs do)

    2) Upper body press: press ladders getting about the 10 recommended reps/day.

    3) Upper body pull: one-arm kettlebell rows (unless I can find a pull-up bar handy at a local park)

    4) Full-body explosive movement: swings

    5) Anterior chain movement: Janda sit-ups

    Thoughts on this plan appreciated (y)
  9. Chrisdavisjr

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    Looks like a nice set of exercises. If you're pressed for time and want to get some upper-body pulling work in along with grip and explosiveness you can always swap your swings for KB high pulls/snatch pulls.

    Also, can you do pistol squats (loaded or unloaded)? I'd substitute them for the goblet squats/KB deadlifts if possible. Maybe keep the goblet squats as part of your warm-up/mobility. Just a thought.
  10. freeflowme

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    I've never more than casually tried a pistol, but I can definitively say that I don't currently possess either the quad strength, the flexibility, or the knowledge (or all 3 in some combination) to get more than ~1/3 of the way down.

    Interestingly, I've noticed that when I do lunges as part of a dynamic warm up, my quads feel extremely weak (keep in mind I've just been PTTP-ing deadlifts and presses for training thus far, with no type of squatting at all). So much so that it's sometimes hard for me to thrust myself back up to a standing position with one leg if I do stationary lunges where you step out and then back to the starting position. I don't know if that indicates that my leg strength is far too low to be able to pistol, but I'd guess it does.
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