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Funny stuff. And funnier still perhaps is that I actually really really like the sound of bagpipes. Wish I knew what it was but heard a great music cut on radio years ago where they combined pipes and didgeridoo. I have hear others do same since but nothing so fine as that first one. Made the little hairs on my neck stand right up HAH!

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Spent 10 days in Scotland this summer and it was great. The pipers playing on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh were great, but then again, I've always enjoyed listening to bagpipes.


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Deep fried Mars bars, Bay City Rollers, The Proclaimers...
Deep fried mars bars......another one of those drunken inventions that, like golf, was never meant to be taken seriously, it was only meant for a laugh. Hasn't gained global popularity yet but give it time......

Bay City Rollers......well, fair enough, what can I say, no excuses. Sadly, they are having a comeback. I am sorry.

Proclaimers......not having that one, no way. Not apologising. Sunshine on Leith is a work of art.


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Ha, ha, like it......too drunk on whisky to notice! And that's another one. Horrible stuff. Sorry about that one aswell.
And there's another one.....Hogmanay and drunkeness at New Year, invented that too. That's what Scotland has given the world: golf and alcoholism. I'm thinking there is a correlation. Could well account for Scotland's very poor health status. On that note, a Happy and Strong bagpipe and gluten free New Year to all at Strongfirst and this fine forum.
I'm rather grateful for David Hume.
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