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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Jeff, Feb 14, 2018.

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    I started a thread on the barbell forum about exercise selection for a 3x week Easy Strength program.

    Easy Strength Exercise Selection

    One of the posters made a comment about how it is more productive or practical for non athletes to maintain the squat but develop the hinge. That made me wonder if a double Kettlebell program would be perfect for Easy Strength.

    The ES I have in mind is described in the book as 2 or 3 big bang exercises 2 or 3 times per week, around 10 reps per exercise focusing on doubles and triples, sometimes doing 5’s. Since Kettlebell swings or cleans have a shorter time under tension would this work for the ES program? Cleans, presses and pullups would just about fill the bill. Include a form of squat during warmup.
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    I actually did something like this. I was doing the floor press because my overhead was not so good for my shoulder. Yeah in-general it works. Heavy cleans+weighted pullups fried my back by day 17, i also did front squats and they were effective but you had to keep them light (anytime I went heavy I didn't feel so great the next day) so as a warm up would be optimal. I imagine double clean and press, pull ups would be great. double the volume for ballistics and keep it to swings if your doing pull ups.
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    There was an article on here recently, "Easy Reg Park", which is 4 days plus 2 S&S, maybe worth checking it out? May not fit exactly.....
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    @Inky Thats right, I had forgotten that. it looks excellent.
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    Well, I guess I need to read Intervention !

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