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Kettlebell Kettlebell hard the shoulder smoker


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Hi guys.
Just wanted to share my experience with the shoulder smoker from the Good ol dear Geoff N Kettlebell Hard.
i been mainly using 20kgs for the last 4-6 mounts or so, Last ly running GN Total body blast --- so i was thinking running with 16kgs would be a cake ... boy was i wrong :)

1 st day on the program,: 6x swings 6x highpulls 6x snatchs 6xpresses - 3 sets in total - work out time less then 10 mins.
This shizzle completely beat me doin snatches after high pulls was tough as hell,
Would love to hear others "complain" about the program ;) - looking forward seeing how this goes.

It seems yet Again GN Programs delivers what they promise :)

Love from Denmark


Steve Freides

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@kaptajnos, I am unfamiliar with this program, but the name, "shoulder smoker," sounds like a great description based on what you've said. If I was programming those lifts in order to leave your shoulders the freshest, I think I'd do them exactly backwards of the order that Geoff has prescribed.

I cannot complain, only admire the evilness of the programming. :)

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