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I'll be focusing more on cardio orientated workouts for the summer, however after summer's over I want to focus back on strength and decided I'd go with KB Strong. On the website www.getkettlebellstrong.com I've noticed the book is really expensive and doesn't really show what exercises I'll do - can anyone give me some more insight on what to expect with KB Strong and if it's worth the money? I've read some reviews here and there, people praising it into heaven but it doesn't really give me more information except for mostly marketing talk and how it's changed people's lives.

Second question: I think KB Strong is only available paperback and not as an eBook like all of Geoff Neupert's stuff, is this correct?

Third question: I live outside the US (the Netherlands), do they ship international? (This is why I prefer eBook, it saves me an extra 20 bucks because it's shipped from the US)

Thanks and hope you all have a nice day.


Mark Limbaga

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The book comes with detailed explanations of double kb work and has a dvd of the exercises. IMO its worth the money.


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KB Strong is a physical product as it's a book plus DVD. The shopping to UK was only about $10 from what I recall. I've really benefitted from the book and DVD. Goeff does have other ebook products such as More Kettlebell Muscle and Kettlebell Burn.


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I would really like an ebook also, to expensive so send the book + dvd to Denmark...




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The instruction about how to properly perform the double kettlebell exercises found on the two DVD set that accompanies the book is the most detailed that you will find anywhere. After buying it, I decided that I wasn't ready for it (yet). Then I purchased his 16 week extreme fat loss program. As fate would have it, lots of double KB stuff. I decided to go ahead with the fat loss program.

It has proven that I was correct about not being ready in that it is beating me down badly since it isn't just a bus stop program, it's running for the bus you missed. I'm stubborn and plan to try to not wash out of the rapid fat loss program. I don't know if I'll succeed. I'm 41 days in. If not for the instruction on the "Strong" DVDs I'd be hurting. Even though I'm not doing that program, yet, if you plan to do doubles, it's worth the money since doubles really are a different animal than singles.

I'll probably go back to S and S when this ends before attempting "Strong." I'm 64 and have lost about 70 lbs in the last 14 months, just to give you an idea of where I started. If you are younger, stronger and less detrained, double KBs may not be as formidable a challenge as they are proving to be for me, but the quality instruction is worthwhile since I managed to hut myself plenty when I was a young, stronger than now, knucklehead. If I can just not hurt myself now. I failed to increase sets last week and felt weaker, rather than stronger so I'm forced to do what I can and stop there. No doubt I'll still lose fat since the eating discipline is, ah, er, disciplined.

Sorry to have expanded beyond what you do (your question), but I can say from personal experience that the instruction in the Strong program is excellent.

Geoff Neupert

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@Kenny -

Here's the answer to your questions:

1) From the sales page:

Kettlebell STRONG! is THE definitive step-by-step guide to learning how to perform all the major double kettlebell exercises.

The Double KB Swing
The Double KB Press
The Double KB Front Squat
The Double KB Clean
The Double KB Snatch
The Double KB High Pull
The Double KB Push Press
The Double KB Jerk
The Double KB Clean & Jerk

And that's both in a 3.5+ hour 2 DVD set and a 89 page book.

2) Yes, only hard copies available.

3) Yes, we ship internationally.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks everyone for your input.

@Geoff: Yes, that helps. Thanks! I'll be sure to order my copy for next winter.


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IMO KB Strong is the best Doubles KB Instructional outside of being with an SFG and the programs are deceptively simple but very effective! I lost a few inches and got STRONGER from KB Strong.

Dan Anderson

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The book and DVD is worth the money, you will not regret the purchase. You will be surprised by the amount of detail the DVD goes into and there are some great cues.  The programming inside the book will work if you follow it.


Stuart Elliott

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I agree well worth the money. The DVDs along with the book are double kb gold dust! It would cost a lot more to get Geoff to give you a demo in person every day:)


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I also live in the Netherlands, and the prospected delivery date was 25th of Juli. It arrived yesterday, more then a week early. Fits in the mailbox, so no hassle with packages.

Imo it is certainly worth the money. Besides the really in depth explanation, there are really nice gems hidden thoughout, that will improve your strength work, and takes your tension to the next level.


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Hey Dennis,
I ordered it a while ago and have read through it already. It's worth the money indeed, some useful stuff in there. Especially the Jerk and Front Squat technique was useful for me (I love heavy double kb front squats).

...also a bit off topic but if you don't mind me asking, are there any activities/events in the Netherlands that'll allow you to progress with the Kettlebell, that you know of? I went to see a RKC I instructor in Zuid Limburg, but I'm looking to learn more and perhaps even get into Girevoy Sport, which is completely different from Hardstyle training. The downside here being that the only GS instructor I found is in Deventer, which is too far away from me.


- Kenny


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After ordering STRONG!, I invested in More Kettlebell Muscle and even had it printed and bound at Kinkos when I found out I could do it for under $10.  The daily newsletter is the highlight of my morning.

Expensive, yes, but well worth the cost IMO.


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Hello Kenny,

Not that i know, i know Gerrit indeed, from Zuid-Limburg. Been there myself a couple of times.

But other than that there is not really anything (that i know of). Yeah me :), but depending on what you want to learn / know i'm not sure if i can help you. Are you looking for anything specific? What is the progression you like to make? I am located in Den Bosch btw.

I never really looked into GS sport, so i'm afraid i cannot help you there.


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I'm looking for Olympic style lifting really, I'm fairly comfortable with kettlebells but I wouldn't mind knowing the barbell snatch and clean and jerk either. If I turn to GS I'd like to work my way up to Rank 3(which is 24kg if I remember correctly), and see how far I'll get from there.
Right now I'm only training at home , but I'm loving it so much that I want to do more with it, in the form of competing/olympic lifting.


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There are very few of those around. Your best bet would be: usc.UvA.nl. They offer courses. But it is also up north.


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Or save up, take some time of and follow an SFG barbell course. It would be worth the experience and knowlegde, i am sure of it.

Mike Lindner SFG II

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Kenny - Theirry Sanchez has some great stuff on his site that is good for starting into GS.


On a side note, I'd give the KB STRONG programs a go before getting into GS more. You'll like the carryover strength.
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