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Kettlebell Kettlebell STRONG! results

I started Kettlebell STRONG! three weeks ago.

I'm using double 24s (kg). When I started, the 24 was my 2 RM for the one-arm press with the stronger arm. Five minutes ago, I pressed that same bell 5 times. Reps 1-4 were clean and strong. Rep 5 was a bit slow, but the form was still good.

Not much else to say. The program works like magic if you follow it.

Read about the program and buy it here: Getting Brutally Strong with Double Kettlebell in Kettlebell STRONG! | StrongFirst


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Good work. Bit confused that the 24kg was a 2RM single arm press for you on your strong arm though and you ran STRONG! with double 24s? Is that a typo?

I thought ~4RM double C+P was recommended for the program.


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I noticed a pretty fast jump in strength from 24s to 28s and now slowly to 32s as well. But I’ll say this, my progress is slowing down as I get accustomed to the routine.

Double 28kg bells were a 1-2RM bell two months ago, jumped to 4RM by the beginning of September and over the past month working with both 24s and 28s plus taking time to tweak my form with some coaching, I’m at 5-6RM with the pair but when I haven’t eaten right or slept like crap, they are a 3-4RM bell again. So I think I’m running out of newbie gains which caused me to go through 24s easily (I’ve done 8-10 double clean and press at one time with them).

Are you running Prep Strong or Phase 1 of the program from the video series? Phase one has a lot of 1 rep sets at the beginning so I can see that working for a 1-2RM bell if you are pretty new.
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