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Anybody ever done kettlebell strong?

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  1. Jose

    Jose Still New to StrongFirst Forum

    Anybody ever done kettlebell strong
  2. Maine-ah KB

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  3. Leesburgking

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    Just follow the progression and the results will follow I went from 4 rep max with double 32kg bells to 7 rep max after 8 weeks I am in phase 2 at the moment so it will be a while before I have those results. The book is mostly instructional material for the various double bell lifts with 2 programs in the back, "Strong" for strength and hypertrophy, and "The One" a double swing program for conditioning. You can use them together or separately if you like. The Videos are very helpful if you don't yet know the Double bell lifts.

    Also another thread you might find helpful.
    My Kettlebell "Strong" Results
  4. DavThew

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    Yep. Great resource.
  5. conor78

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    Great program. The DVD s are gold
  6. Jose

    Jose Still New to StrongFirst Forum

    Thank you all, Im about to buy program
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