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Kettlebell Kettlebell Swing Form Assessment

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Hey All,

I was very intrigued and inspired by Pavel Tsatsouline after hearing him on a couple of different podcasts. I decided to read Pavel's Simple and Sinister and to start the program. This is my first week of S&S and was just hoping to get some feedback on my Kettlebell Swing form. Thank you for any input/pointers.

Left Hand Swing

Right Hand Swing
Welcome to the forum! I’ll let the experts handle any advice.

How’s the S and S treating you so far? That’s what I’m doing too.
@IMayAgainKnowChris The program has been going well thus far. It has been a fairly radical shift of mindset transitioning to S&S from HIIT circuits of jumping rope and bodyweight. I am enjoying the program and I certainly feel like I have more energy throughout the day because I'm not overtraining.

@natewhite39 I have some of the available videos on StrongFirst as well as Pavel's demonstrations of the swing and TGU in "Enter the Kettlebell." I was looking for feedback on the swings I recorded and linked in the post above. Thank you both for the warm welcome!
Safe start..

Focus on hiking back the bell more forcefully and feel the stretch on your hamstrings and glutes.. This is what you need to snap up to make the bell float..

Focus on that first then we'll see what other aspects need fixing after
Welcome to the forum!
I would add to Mark’s advice to work on your timing - you hinge early. @Pavel Macek tips and video about swing as a four part movement in the following article is the game changers. After that just challenge yourself with heavier bell.

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