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Hello, does anyone know any good gyms, instructors, or groups that meet? I know Strongfirst has a list of instructors but I was hoping to find some type of community that might workout together or a gym that has a strong kettlebell focus. I'm in North Brooklyn (Greenpoint).


Oso Rojo

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Jason Giles is just over the border into Nassau. He has a gym there and does kettlebell training. He also holds a level 2 certification I think. I've used him to straighten out a couple of swing issues. I train at Siege Athletics in Nassau but I don't thing there are any serious kettlebellers there. I'm only seen them used for goblet squats and farmer's walks.

Steve Freides

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We have several StrongFirst Affiliated Gyms in the area, I think - in addition to the instructor search, try the Find A Gym search on the web site.

We have had kettlebell clubs in various places and still do.

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