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Hey Guys.

I`m currently working on getting a 200 kg. deadlift as a primary goal.

Right now i have a max DL of 165 kg, pull-up at 15, and a military press of 60 kg.

With my job in law-enforcement and martials-arts training i am able to build stength three times a week.

I have been doing Jim Wendler`s 531 and some of Dan Johns work for some time now, and want to shift my focus to kettlebells and a big deadlift (while still having strength in the pistol, pres, pullup of course). Thats why i want to follow Pavels program: KETTLEBELLS + DEADLIFTS, PART II.

kettlebells + deadlifts, part ii - StrongFirst

My question is; what you guys would recommend as assistance? To keep balance i am seeking to pogram pull-ups, goblet-squats/pistol and a pres (KB, bench, military, any would do)

My own thoughts have been on a KB-complex (Moving Target maybe) on one day, and Pistol, pull-up and pres (all with Dan Johns Rule of five) on the other.

Some input would be greate, or perhaps some links i could read up on.

(BTW english = not my first language :)



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I'm not far enough along in the practice of kettlebells to comment on your question,
but I certainly must say I love your t-shirt!

What I AM learning is that there are no definitive answers,
but you couldn't go wrong with advice from the likes of @Steve Freides , @Harald Motz , @Brett Jones , and @aciampa.

Whatever you end up doing...

Welcome to StrongFirst!!


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the program you linked to said that it was a three day a week program were each session you work on either deadlifts or swings. you can consider practicing goblet/pistol squats, presses, and pull ups as supplementary work after you finish the main movement of your training session. I would think about using dan john/pavel's easy strength template for the supplementary work you want to include (ie. goblet/pistol squats, presses, pull ups). just an idea


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+1 stick with 5/3/1. It's a long journey, stick with it. Do kettlebells on variety days. Swings, snatches, kettlebell deadlift. Highly recommend Deadlift Dynamite


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Don't mean to hijack/sidetrack this thread. I know jim wendler is quite adamant about his program including the four main lifts, but is there any real reason that the floor press and deadlift can't be the only two? What i hate about the program is all the math and plate changing involved. What i love about it is the fact it is all laid out and it works.


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Why not? Do what you want to do. If it works, great, if not, you tried something. I don't think you have to etch things in stone. I did a 5x5 program which I tinkered with a bit in regard to progression and made great progress. Do the lifts, and do them right. Most of us aren't competing so 80% is showing up.

People get so hung up on, You need to do this exactly. Same with the rite of passage. Just don't call it the rite of passage if you change it. Do what works and when you stop progressing change to something else


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You can make progress on 531 with even one lift a week. There's no reason why two won't work. But you need plenty of assistance work and luckily Kettlebell swings are great assistance to the deadlift.

The deadlift is also great for an assistance lift to your swings.


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you can easily get 200kg deadlift, just work back from it :
200 x 1
195x 2
190 x3
185 x 3
180x 3
175 x 5
170 x5
165 x 5
160 x5
155 x5
150x 1 set of 5
145x 2 x 5
140x 3 sets x 5

This will work, no need for this level simple linear progression should do the trick.

Also deadlifts + kettle bells = win. Its a nice program :)


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Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate your time to write.

Its great to feel welcome in the Strongfirst community

User 4484

This might be helpful. Remember; when in doubt, simplify!

That first exposure to Pavel was phenomenal. He outlined a very simple, straightforward plan to complete strength. He called it 'the 3 to 5 Plan'. Three to five, or even two, exercises for the whole body. 3-5 days between workouts. 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps. 3-5 minutes rest between sets. That's it. Very simple. Very effective. Very Pavel.

The Original 3 to 5 Method for Maximal Gains in Very Little Time: A Fitness article
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