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  1. TravisS

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    I have all the original primal bells(8,16,24,32). I ended up buying a rogue 48 instead of the onnit 48. I like the primal bells but prefer the feel of the rogue over the primal bells. There are a couple "downsides"... the handle diameter is slightly larger than normal making it harder to hold onto(maybe better grip??).... The texture is a tad smooth for my preference and I actually prefer the rogue diameter and texture. They do look pretty badass though and my wife lets me keep them sitting out because they are somewhat of an "art" piece.
  2. JamesO

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    We received one of Kettlebells USA's Paradigm Pro Classic comp bells last week. Perfect handle. At this point I'm convinced KB USA's producing the best bell for the price around. Top tier product at a medium-tier price.
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  3. Kettlebelephant

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    I like the somewhat rough texture of the Rogue KBs. I think you're right that a larger diameter and a smoother finish will make it even more challenging for the grip, which is my weakest point. I'll think about whether or not I want to switch.
  4. MattM

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    What is the onnit handle diameter? I'm pretty sure my 32 rogue is 1.5in/38mm
  5. Tarzan

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    Do you have to be careful as to which way you pick up the onnit primal bells ?

    Does the ape face bruise your arm if you snatch one or even press one with its face coming into contact with your forearm ?

    That 2.5 pood onnit bell looks a bit like me when I get woken up early by the Jehovas witnesses on a Sunday morning.
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  6. offwidth

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    My son-in-law has one. I use it when visiting; I do find that you have to orient it correctly to keep the face away from your arm. I have a hard enough time concentrating on form, without another thing to worry about...
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  7. TravisS

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    yeah for cleans and snatches, you want the face so it doesn't land on your arm... not a huge deal in my mind.
  8. Kettlebelephant

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    Yep, just have the face looking at you when the KB rests on the floor. IMO not really something that requires focus.
  9. Kit Meyer

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    My first KB was a 40 lbs CAP bell. I eventually got it a twin sister. They've served me faithfully but the paint chips a lot. Then I moved onto a 24 kg made by Ader. It was a skinnier handle than I anticipated which really made my snatch game difficult (I prefer the bigger handle). I eventually sold it.

    Then I really dropped the cash to get 2x 24 kg and a 32 kg. I got them from Sorinex since I lived relatively close by their warehouse. I've been happy with them.
  10. Andy Alexander

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    In case they haven't been mentioned, Rep Fitness sells some nice bells.
    Rep Fitness Kettlebells | Kettlebells for Sale
    My son has some and they are nice and have good prices, it seems. I haven't done a recent price comparison, but if you're looking you can check them out.

    I still have almost all DD bells, as I've had them for a long time, but have a few Muscle Driver bells which are also decent.

    Looks like they were already mentioned, so just adding that I've seen them and think they're a good choice.
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  11. Steve Freides

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    Me, too. I haven't needed to buy a new kettlebell in a long time.

  12. Riley O'Neill

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    I first bought CAP from a local shop and then from Amazon (25pound, 45pound, 60 pound). I had issues with the paint chipping on all but the 60 pound. I bought myself a 16kg VF Precision kettlebell for snatches and other GS inspired stuff should I feel the need to do that) and while after shipping it was nearly $4 per pound, the kettlebell itself is great. The flat parts near the handle make it so much comfortable to carry in rack position or in the overhead position when locked out. I honestly think that every kettlebell should have this design feature. Being a competition kettlebell the handle is thin so its a bit easier to grip and the horns are a bit narrow because its for one handed work. The biggest downside is the price though. If money was not a concern I think I would honestly opt to go for the VF Precision across the board. The ergonomics of them is just so comfortable.

    In June I picked up a 32kg by a brand called DiamondPro. I never heard of this brand but the retail price was $76 + California sales tax. The guy at the store even let me take it out the box and test it out and see how it felt before I bought it. It has a powder coat but the handle is fine. Its better than the CAP brand and it is also cheaper. I wish it had the flat indentations like the precision one though. It would make such a difference. I have never tried the DD, Peform Better, Ader or other brands so I can't give a comparison.
  13. MattM

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  14. mprevost

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    For a long time I used an old Lifeline USA kettlebell. It was a great kettlebell. It was unique in that it had a fat handle. Recently I have purchased a 24Kg Vulcan competition bell. It is a really nice kettlebell for two reasons. 1. It is hollow, so no fillers. You will never have loose stuff sloshing around inside the bell. 2. Although it is a competition bell, the handle is wide enough to get two hands in for two hand swings. It also swings nicely with one hand. They did a great job with the design of this bell. I hope to have it for a long, long time. For my use, it is simply the best kettlebell I could find.
    [​IMG] IMG_20161226_092534.jpg
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  15. JonS

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    To add to this, I recently purchased a 40kg from Rep Fitness. It is very similar to the Rogue, but I find the finish just a little bit smoother. For those within a reasonable commuting distance to Denver, you can save on shipping. Pricing is currently lower than Rogue and they offer a Mil/LE/Fire discount. A great choice.

    In addition, I also own at least two each Perform Better, Ader, DD and Rogue. I have enjoyed them all.
  16. Neuro-Bob

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    +1 for RepFitness.

    Just got my 88lb/40KG. Excellent quality, powder coat, great shape, like the handle. Ships from CO, so living in CA I found it much cheaper than PerformBetter and Rogue. Definitely cheaper than the "free shipping" places too.
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  17. Chrisdavisjr

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    I just received my third KB (32kg, powder coated) from Wolverson Fitness. They appear to be the best value for money kettlebells available in the UK. The finish is really good on all the bells and the shape/size is perfect for one or two handed exercises. Great customer service too.
  18. Tobias Wissmueller

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    Is the the black series @Chrisdavisjr ? -> Kettlebells
  19. Chrisdavisjr

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    Yes. I've got a 16, a 24 and a 32 in that series now. They're all really nice bells. The finish is slightly different on each of them though: It's shinier on some and more 'matte' on others.

    I've worn some of the paint away on the handle of my 16kg from hanging it on the chain of my dipping belt but the finish is so thin that it makes no difference to the feel of the handle whatsoever.
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  20. wags

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    My 1st bells (12, 16 & 20kg) in 2008 were DragonDoor since that's all I knew at the time. Then picked up a 24kg Life Line, super nice and smooth handle. Last bells (12, 16 & 32kg) were Kettlebells USA Metrix. Free shipping and quality bells that offer smooth handles also.

    I use all the above mentioned bells with confidence and a thumbs up on quality. Picking a favorite would be the Life Line all though I believe they are now out of the KB business, but still can be found on other vendor websites.
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