Wanted to Buy Kettlebells UK 44/56/68/80/92

Discussion in 'For Sale or Wanted To Buy' started by Gengiz, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Gengiz

    Gengiz Second Post

    I am looking for "pairs" of kettlebells in the UK of the following sizes :

    44kg /56kg /68kg /80kg /92kg

    Either new or used of the standard/style of KettleBell Fever / Rogue / Xenios.

    If anybody has or knows where I can buy I would be grateful.

    Thank you

  2. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    @Gengiz, welcome to the StrongFirst forum.

  3. Gengiz

    Gengiz Second Post

    Thank you Steve. Was hoping somebody here could help me find the kettlebells I am looking for but it seems very quiet. :-(
  4. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    Kettlebells have become a commodity, IMHO - there are many good brands and some are quite affordable. I have, e.g., been using a brand called Rep Fitness that I buy on amazon.com with no charge for shipping (because I am part of their Prime program).

    I found a 32 kg for $170 + 50 shipping, $220 in total.

    The Rep brand is $130 and free shipping, $130 in total.

    Here in the US, we have CraigsList, a source for local, used items - I'd try there or something similar.

  5. ohnbye

    ohnbye Double-Digit Post Count

    Wolverson Black series are good quality, go up some of the way you’re after and on eBay they offer free shipping. Most of the bigger sizes are currently out of stock though I was advised they’d ordered more to come in around now. Other than that Rogue are the only others I know of but shipping is very expensive above a certain weight (all of which the ones you’re after are above) - might be more economical if you’re placing a sizeable order though as I think they’re on a pallet.
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  6. Waryrenn

    Waryrenn Triple-Digit Post Count

    I'm UK based and know of nowhere to buy these sizes.

    Something which has been recommended on previous posts which can be made DIY is the Hungarian Core blaster or a T-handle. These can be loaded with Barbell plates so can go as heavy as your welding skills will allow ;)

    Someone helpful might post a link to a page with instructions, but I've never made one so would be loath to recommend a site.
    Know it's not what you are after, just being helpful. Good luck, and if you find somewhere maybe post your findings here to help others in the future.
  7. ohnbye

    ohnbye Double-Digit Post Count

    Rogue go that heavy: Rogue Kettlebells, scroll down to the bottom and fill in the form for a quote - shipping was more than the kettlebells for the ones I was after sometime ago and I wasn’t after anything like as heavy as those you’re looking for. I think wolverson go up to a 68kg. Good luck!
    Can I ask what you’re planning with 2 x 92kg kettlebells?!
  8. Glen

    Glen Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    New the only place to get some of the heavier bells are Rogue Europe.

    Wolverson Black series goes up to 64kg I think, similarly for strength shop.

    There was a set of 44kg, 80kg and 92kg kettlebell fever for sale on ebay recently but think its ended and sold now (would have bought the eighty but too far from me)

    I wanted a 56kg bell and spoke to the owner of Primal Strength as liked their bells but they only went up to 40kg. He brought one over especially for me - their bells are pretty much identical to Rogue. Might be of your willing yo wait a few weeks they might be able to get the ones you want shipped from their manufacturer
  9. Waryrenn

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  10. Jason Kavanagh

    Jason Kavanagh Triple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    Strength shop.co.uk go up to 64kg.
    Free shipping over 120£
  11. Pavel Macek

    Pavel Macek More than 2500 posts Master Certified Instructor

    We do have these weights in our gym (the brand does not exist any more), but to be honest, we use very rarely anything heavier than 48 kg. 56 kg occasionally (60 kg we have is awful), 68 very very rarely, and the heavier ones just gather dust. I would save money and purchase a barbell instead.
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