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Hi Everyone,

I'm having a bit of a clear out and am selling the kettlebells listed below. Local collection only please, I'm in the UK, not far from Middlesbrough (TS9).

Metrixx Elite Precision E-Coat:

16 kg - £30
32 kg - £60
40 kg (x2) - £80 (each)
48 kg - £100

Wolverson Black Series:

8 kg - £10
12 kg - £15
20 kg (x2) - £30 (each)
28 kg (x2) - £40 (each)
36 kg (x2) - £60 (each)

They're all in very good condition - happy to photograph on request. Please send me a direct message if you're interested. Thanks.

Jacques van der Merwe

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Man! I would jump on these if I was in the UK, but unfortunately I'm based in Switzerland. I'm sure there are some SF locals that will nab them. Metrixx Elite Precision E-Coat.... gimme!
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