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I happened upon Mark Divine's Kokoro Yoga book at Barnes & Noble the other day. It caught my eye because it has a kettlebell on the cover. Yes... I'm that easy.
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here was familiar with Kokoro Yoga? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Worth looking into?


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@Swann 1 I have been following Divine and SealFit for a few years now. I use various routines in this book and his box breathing method as standalone practice or work it into my kettlebell training. He has Kokoro yoga videos on his website as well.


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I found the 'box breathing' work to be highly beneficial; I use it as a 'cool down' after every session I do. For me, it is a very useful recovery method.

Other than that, if you're familiar with yoga, I don't think you'll find anything new in the book, but it is a good resource for newcomers.
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