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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Kozushi, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Kozushi

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    The fact I don't think in pictures is a handicap for my judo. I don't visualize things well. I have to physically do things.
  2. Steve Freides

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    There is (or at least was) and educational model that some students learn better by doing, others by seeing, others by hearing. "Differentiated learning" is (or was) a model by which a teacher tries to communicate with each student in the manner that works best for that student.

    I say all this by way of saying that it's good and normal to have a preferred method of learning.

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  3. Michael20

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    Yes, I have used Duolingo and loved it. I was learning French and found the learning method to be very helpful
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  4. Kozushi

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    I have a theory where you start with mainly vocabulary, rote learning like this is a door, this is a fridge, this is a cat etc... You can make it fun and varied but it's just rote memorization. This includes set phrases too like how are you and even set dialogues etc, but all without really understanding the grammatical underpinnings.

    The next stage I think is the grammar stage. At this stage you learn how to put the words together into meaningful sentences. Grammar is what makes the words really mean something other than just names of things.

    The third stage I think is the style stage. This is where you need to learn how to add nuance and to understand nuance and subtext in the language. This is through lots of direct speaking, reading and listening.

    Through all three levels of course you continue to learn new words and this never ends, even in your first language.
  5. Kozushi

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    I`m trying to branch out into other ways of learning. Words, and you can tell that I depend on words through my enormous post count on these forums, are what help me learn to lift weights. However, they can only go so far - quite far even very far, but only so far. At some point I have to better visualize things, and I feel I`m doing it. My judo is improving rapidly now and I`m certainly getting somewhere with at least the SF bodyweight moves! I can do pistols and OAOL pushups now. The 5 pullups were never a problem. I`m all set for certification with a bit of improvement the day of to get my technique better for all of them of course. I have lots to learn!
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    Oh boy, this thread reminds me of my many stalled attempts to learn another language. I've even subscribed to a newsletter of a known polyglot on the Internet but have brushed that aside for now. The tip I remembered though for a beginner was to watch kiddie cartoons in that language if they are available. They're likely to speak slower and use simpler language than shows made for adults. Podcasts can also help if you're strapped for time as you could listen to them while driving or even doing simple household chores.

    Interesting ideas here though! May start learning French again and applying some of the tips here.

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