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Do any of you incorporate kettlebells that come in LB increments in 5 LBs or do you stay with the standard KG weight? Are the LB increments considered more for intermediate uses?

Tim Randolph

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At the end of the day, iron is iron and the quality of the bell is a lot more important than whether it is 24kg or 50lbs. Having said that I really like that my bells are in the standard kg jumps as it makes following programs and discussions on this site much simpler.

Steve Freides

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I prefer to stick with what I started with, kilograms. Note also that any powerlifting meets at which world records can be set are done in kilograms.



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5 lbs is roughly 2kg. Nope. I use 4kg increments. Since 24kg already exceeeds 30% of my bw, traditional 8kg jumps are too much for me

Oso Rojo

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I chose to use kg out of a sense of tradition. Mass is mass so either one get's heavy. I do barbell work in lbs, why, that's that's what I started with, hahaha.


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I was raised in the metric system, so it's kg for me.
Ditch the 5lbs or 2kg increments ... to small. Go for minimum 4kg increments.
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