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Warm up:

Main work-out:

One arm swing: 28/ 8reps*8 sets
Power wheel roll out on plank: 6*4

Goblet squat: 20 kilo/ 5*3. 28 kilo/ 5*2
Training of finger extensors.

Training for Maltese cross with bands (quite low level)

My elbow is not hurting, but I can sense some very very slight weirdness there, so I am taking it easy.


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I had my last meal last night, and I trained in a fasted state.

Warm up:

Egyptian and tea cup.
Some active stretching for the hamstrings.

One arm swing: 28/ 10 reps *4
Goblet squat: 20/ 5reps*3
28/ 5reps*1
One arm rows: 20/ 5 reps*3
Power wheel roll out on a plank: 6*3
Band training for Maltese cross: purple and red band.
Training the finger extensors.

Three more days and I will also start doing straight arm work that works the triceps.
It is funny how strength training makes you less hungry.
Fasting makes you think about how much time you spend thinking about food, preparing food and eating food.

I weighed myself two hours ago and my weight was 81,8 kilo. I am quite pleased with that but I realize it is probably also quite a lot of water I have lost due to the fasting.


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Today I ate chips and chocolate. I hope I will still reach my weight goal in a couple of days. I realize that I cannot visit a shop when being a bit hungry, at least not while I am dieting. I went for a peaceful walk for an hour. Then continued work.

Today's workout:


Goblet squat
Kettlebell good morning
Other exercises from flexible steel.
Finger extensors
Underarm flexors and extension.(bending the wrist)

Main work-out:

"Snatch-test": 20/ 7 reps*6 sets (42 reps in 5 minutes.) PR !
Power wheel roll out on plank 10 cm above ground level.
Power wheel roll-out from the knees.
One arm rows palm facing forward 24 kilo/ 4*4 pr arm.
Biceps curl: 28/ 5 reps *3

My elbow is still good. In a couple of days I will start implementing some waiter´s walk and some TGU. I am already doing some behind the back triceps push press to pump some blood into my injured elbow.

The snatch-test felt very easy. Will try to go for 55 reps next week. It is very pleasant to take things easy and be patient with my own strength. I hiked for two hours on Friday and two hours on Sunday carrying a backpack of 25 kilo on quite hilly terrain, this also felt quite easy. It seems like I have never been so strong and well conditioned as I am now in my 33´th year.


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Warm up:

Flexible steel.
Teacup 12 reps each hand, each direction. 48 reps combined.
Egyptian 40 reps

Main work out:

Power wheel static hold: 168 cm: 18 seconds. (PR) It felt very heavy)
Snatch test: 20 kilos. 6 reps*10 that is 60 reps in 5 minutes. (PR)
One arm rows with 28 kilos
Some training for the Maltese cross and the victorian cross.
Power wheel static holds on the ground: 5 sets of around 10 seconds less than 168 cm.

The snatch is a fun exercise. It will go a while before I try to set a new record, maybe one week or two weeks. In terms of Power wheel roll out I will try to do the static holds in my training. It is important not be bitten by the enthusiasm you experience by having a PR, because then you might want to just test and test these things every work-out.

82,4 kilos this morning.


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This morning: 82,2 kilos. Yesterday: Fasting and then one normal meal in the evening.
Today eating normal, three meals. No chocolate in the house since I cannot control myself when that is around. I also do not carry cash or credit card with me when leaving the house, so as to not be unnecessarily tempted to buy candies. I need outer structure and that is what I am arranging.

Today's training:

warming up:

Goblet squat 20 kilos.
The whole of flexible steel program with 20 kilo.
Overhead walk two sets with 16+20 kilo.

Main Work out:

Power wheel static work on the ground: 6 sets of 6 seconds holds.
One arm rows with palm facing forward. 28/ 4*4
Maltese- and victorian cross work. I think the victorian cross work with straight arms is quite challenging for my triceps and elbows, so I cut down on the reps I did. Still, I like straight arm work.
One arm swings. 28/ 10 reps * 6 set


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81,9 kilo this morning. I decided to try to skip today's fasting, since I seem to loose weight by just eating normal and healthy, and since fasting for a whole day is quite annoying and umcomfortable.

I have some slight discomfort in my right hamstring so decided to do snatches instead of swings, and to do fewer of them.

Today's training:

Snatch: 20/ 5 reps *3 set (pr. arm)
TGU: 16 kilo 1 reps * 2 set ( pr. arm) very long reps, using around five seconds pr. position.
Crawling: 7 meters back and forth two times. No added weight.
Inverted flies.
Goblet squat: 16/ 5*3
PRO: static holds on the ground * 4 sets

I was thinking about how to make myself more resilient. So I think I will work a bit on my end range strength in my hamstring, and also add both active and passive flexibility. I will see how my hamstrings are feeling tomorrow.


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81,2 kilos. I am very pleased with the results of my diet.

Today's training:

Warm up:

Flexible steel program.
Training of the finger extensors with smal bands.

Main training:

Snatch: 20/ 5*5 pr. arm. In 7 minutes.
Snatch 24: 5 reps*2 sets pr. arm. (It felt heavy. Never snatched 24 kilos before). (PR)
Power wheel roll out static: 10 seconds * 5 sets
Clean and push-press: 20/ 5*2 (pr. arm)
TGU: 20/ 3 reps pr. arm.
Goblet squat. 28/ 5*3
Victorian cross training and Maltese training.

I am allowing myself to have fun in the training and mainly just do whatever I feel like, that is why I allowed myself to start doing a bit of clean and push-press. I am not sure how to best progress with the Power wheel roll out. Maybe I have come to a point where I just need to wave it more. I am not sure.


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80,9 kilo this morning.

I just did a short 25 minutes training. Doing what I want since my only focus now is loosing weight.

I will from now follow the set*reps standards that you are all applying here:

Warm up:

crawling 15 meters *2
One-leg deadlift 2 * 10 pr. leg

Main work out:

Windmill 16 kilo 1*5 pr arm.
Clean and press: 16/ 2*5 pr. arm (doing it very light to no reinsure my elbow, better to be too slow than too quick)
Snatch: 20/ 1*5
24/2*5 (this really hurts my underarms. This must be a sign that my technique is not perfect)
Goblet squat: 36/2*5
Biceps curl: 32/2*5
Power wheel roll out on the floor, staying flat with the back and then back and forth with my hands as far forward as I can come before my back collapses. 5*5
Pull to the front with bands: 10*2
Nordic hamstring curl negatives and partials: 2*6

A little discomfort in my right hamstrings.


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81,4. I keep doing the diet, but the diet is not working for me anymore. So I will have to twist it a bit. I will test a new system and see if it brings any rewards with it.

I felt very tired after a week of working:


Flexible steel

Main work out:

KB High pulls: 24/ 3*5
Clean and Push-Press: 24/ 2*5
One-arm swing: 28/ 6*7
Power wheel roll out on plank 25 cm above ground: 5*5
Crawling: 1*25 meters


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80,6 kilos.

Hike in the mountains: 10 kilos on my back. One hour walk with walking-sticks.

teacup 12 reps pr. hand pr direction.
Egyptian: 30 reps combined.
Flexible steel with 16 kilos.

Main work-out:
Snatch test 20 kilos 7 and 8 reps every 30 seconds for five minutes. 74 reps in 5 minutes. (PR)
Goblet squat 20 kilos/2*5
Clean and press: 20/ 2*5 pr. hand.
Power wheel roll out on a plank 20 cm above ground: 3*5


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Started with doing 5 20 kilos snatches every minute on the minute, but it just got too easy, so I stopped it.

No warm up.

Snatch: 20/ 2*5 every minute on the minute. Pr hand.
Snatch: 24/ 3*5 1-2 minutes breaks. No system.
One arm rows: 28/ 4*4 pr. arm
Biceps curl with rope, two hands: 36/ 3,2,3 Pr. arm
Power wheel roll out on plank: 5*5
KB front squat 20+24/ 2*5
Victorian and Maltese training.

Snatch with the 24 is fun, but it hurts my wrist. The kettlebell is banging slightly on my wrist. Content with the weight loss.


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Working some overtime at work. 79,6 kilo. Quite content with that. But it is not easy for me to loose weight. Loosing weight can easily get an obsession, and "Six-pack" is quite an elusive goal.

Todays training:

Clean and press: 24/ 5,4 pr. arm
Swings: 32/ 5,5 pr. arm
Goblet squat: 24/ 5,5,5 pr. arm
PRO on plank: 3*5
Inverted flyes: 2/ 12,10

Not sure what is wrong with my triceps, or what I just have to tolerate. There is some slight discomfort and it is not aggravated by lifting heavy. I lifted 28 kilo today, and it did not hurt.


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Yesterday I reached the low weight of 79,2. Today I got tired of fasting and ate before I intended to. I think the extreme fasting every day is too much for me. Especially while being home, alone with nothing particular to day, being hungry two days in a row for ten hours is just intolerable to me.

I want to be more flexible in my approach to diet. I also know that I have to make a certain lifestyle change.

I crawled to the cross and read the recommendations from the Government. (living in Norway). I have always had some resistance towards those common-sense advice. But I thought: It cannot hurt to at least read them, and they pride themselves in being supported by a lot of scientific evidence.

So. Three advice stands out.

They recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate activity each day. BUT, if you want to maintain or loose weight they recommend 90 minutes of moderate activity almost every day of the week.

500 grams of vegetables each day.

Fat fish three times a week, and if less, supplement with fish oil.


These are things that I do not follow at present. 90 minutes of walking can burn 450 calories. And 500 grams of vegetables can fill up the stomach so it makes me less hungry.

I realize it is especially difficult for me to stay hungry when being alone and having a lot of free time. When I am working and not having any cash or credit card with me, going ten hours without food, and skipping lunch is not a big problem for me. It also saves money since I often have to buy the lunch I eat at work.

I guess I have to find my way into being really lean.

Today's workout:

Flexible steel: Two sets of five on every exercise.

Main work-out:
Snatch: 24/ 7*4 (pr. arm) in 12 minutes.
Windmill all the way down: With a stone 4 kilos. 2*5 pr. arm
PRO on plank: 4*4
Gray Cook loaded carry stabilization: 16 kilos each arm. One time.
Biceps curl with rope: 32/ 3*5
KFSQ: 20+24/ 2*5
Inverse flyes: 1,5 kilos/ 2*10

My new hypothesis is that my triceps problem might at least partially be due to an unstable shoulder.


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I have been away from my kettlebells for almost a week, due to a work-related seminar in another very small village at the other side of the country.



Snatch test 24 kilos: 9*5 (in five minutes) PR
Double kettlebell military press: 16+20/ 7,6
One arm rows: 24/ 6,5,5 (pr.arm)
Power wheel roll out static, wheel under my head: 3*20 seconds
Goblet squat: 24/7,6,6
Reverted flies/ 4 kilos/ 8,6,5
Windmill with alternative form 5 kilo stone/ 7,7

Double kettlebell military press is quite heavy. Much more heavy than single kettlebell press. Very fun though. I am hoping that inverted flies, windmill, crawling and overhead walk will make my shoulders more stable, and thereby heal my elbow.

Impressed and happy with my new PR in snatch.


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Long time away from training. 79,8 kilo last time I measured. I am relaxed about dieting now, but I try to eat healthy like an adult.

Today's training:

Snatch test with 24 kilo: 7 reps * 10 set / in five minutes. (PR) Very very heavy. Almost painful in my lungs.
Crawling with 9 kilos on my back. Back and forth.
Pistol squats: 3*3 pr foot.
Windmill: 1*4
Power wheel roll out: 4*5 on a plank 20 cm above ground.
Inverted flyes Y shape: 12 reps
Victorian training, Maltese training all done with bands.


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900 views is nice :) Happy if someone find it useful.

I have been away on vacation and on some work-related seminars. I have not had access to any kettlebell for nearly one month, but I have been training regularly the last week. In my vacation I had some illness due to different bacterias in the food and all that.

Power wheel roll out: I don't think I have had any progress with this exercise. I need to train it lighter. It is my belief I have been training it too heavy, all the time.

I will try to do this: Follow this program meant for pistols, only I will do it with the power wheel roll out:

How to Program Your Way to 50 Consecutive Pistol Squats | StrongFirst

The two types of PRO (Power wheel roll out) will be on my knees, and on a fairly steep plank.

After that I will follow this program with the exercise PRO: Upgrade Your Strength with the Soju and Tuba Press Program | StrongFirst


Besides that I would like to work myself up to the Ultimate Snatch test, that is 100 reps of 32 kilos in 5 minutes. My first goal on the way is the normal snatch test, which is 10 reps of 24 kilos in five minutes. 70 is my previous record. I seem to be progressing quite nicely so I do not need another snatch program than the one I am already using, which is a combination o A+A and swings.

These two are my main goals. Besides these two I will only train a bit Kettlebell front squat, and kettlebell front press. Maybe some windmills and TGU to keep my shoulders healthy.

I will start tomorrow or on Monday with these things.


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Yesterday's training:

No warm up. ( No excuse, just too tired and in a hurry to start training)

PRO: 1 rep on knees. One rep on steep plank Connected to a tall bench.
Snatch: Had pain in one finger så just some random playing around With 20 and 24 kilos.
Double MP: 20+24 kilos: 4*1
Windmill: 16 kilos: 4,4,3 pr. hand.
Pistols: 1 reps unloaded, 1 rep 16 kilos.


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No warm up:

PRO: 2 reps on plank, 2 reps on knees.
Pistols: 1 rep with 16 kilo, 2 reps unloaded, 1 rep with 9 kilo. (16 kilos seems too heavy). 9 kilo was OK.
Snatch: 24 kilo. 3*5 pr. hand.
OHSW: 12 reps pr. hand.
Wind mills: 4 reps pr. hand.
Bent over kettlebell rows: 16+20/ 8+8


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Pistols: 4 reps unloaded (day 4)
PRO: 4 reps on plank. 4 reps on knees.
Cleans: 16+20/10*3
Kettlebell deadlift: 32 kilos 15 reps.
Double Kettlebell rows 16+20: 2*8
MP: 16+20/ 6*1 (Soju Program/ day 2)

I think getting someone Strong First related to make a program to me might take me to the next Level since following my own program or some free program is often just too hard for my self-disciplin.


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Snatch 24: 12*5
Grippers: 36 kilo / 6 reps pr. arm ( two times each week. Try to increase two reps each session).
PRO: 5 reps on plank and 5 reps on knees. (two days break)
Pistols: 3+1 reps pr. foot. (two days break)
Rowing: 16 kilo/ 14 reps pr. arm
Push up: 6 reps with purple band.
20 kilo kettlebell biceps curl: 9 reps.

PRO, Pistols, Military press: Follow a written program by someone else.
Grippers, push-up, biceps curl: Starting easy. Follow an aggressive linear progression. When I reach a certain amount of reps (either 10 or 20), then start over again with a heavier weight. When I reach a point where linear progression is not possible anymore, I will start following a more sophisticated program. My past mistake has primarily been these two: Too little focus on progression, and having too much training time in the realm of 90 % of RM.
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