Less is More

Strong Rick

Level 8 Valued Member
Tue 07.23 - Snatching
Mon 07.22 - Locomotion
Sun 07.21 - S&S
Sat 07.20 - Locomotion
Fri 07.19 - Snatching
Thu 07.18 - Locomotion
Wed 07.17 - Snatching
Tue 07.16 - Locomotion
Mon 07.15 - S&S
Sun 07.14 - Locomotion
I like the way that looks... I assume this is something you got from Al?

Michael Scott

Level 7 Valued Member
That is awesome, a 45 second CP.......

I forget to note it in here, but I'm also keeping up with Buteyko. My CP is around 45 now on a low-caffeine/low stress day. I train mostly in the mornings, so I have to sneak in the Buteyko with back to back sessions right after work, before dinner.
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