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Hi, I recently started lifting weights and my hands have been getting some really bad calluses. I was thinking of trying a product called Cobra Grips to help. Has anyone (in particular, women) used these before, and if so do you recommend I purchase them? Thanks.


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when you start lifting, your hands should toughen a little. Steve's right- as your grip strengthens, you'll be able to minimize the rubbing and friction that causes calluses. Gloves just prevent the adaptation. Try to pay attention to how you grip the bar and whether it moves in your hands and you'll learn quickly.
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@ThomJill2 If you work with Kettlebells, train swings a few days a week.

So much of grip training and developing endurance is learning how to control the element of tension and relaxation through the lift.

As you develop this skill, your fingers / forearms will get stronger as well and this will help to mitigate tender calluses.
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