Lifting+Naked Warrior: doing too much?

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Mr. Nobody

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Hi SF!

I am a whitecollar cubicle-warrior who started working out 2,5 years ago using Pavel's NW and a bit later S&S. Because I have never managed to nail the one-armed pushup I want to add them to my weekly routine but I am unsure if I am setting myself up for failure.

After completing the simple goals from S&S I moved to barbell training and have stuck to following routine for all of 2015:

Day 1: Squat, Press, conv. DL
Day 2: Squat, Press, Power Clean

I use Marty Gallagher's rolling progression(1 set @50%, 1 set @75%, 1 top set @100%; 4 weeks of 8s, 5s and finally 3s; add weight each week) + back off sets from Purposefull Primitive and my PRs from October are as follows:

Squat: 150kg@102kg BW
Press: 90kg@102kg BW
DL: 200kg@102kg BW
PC: 95kg@102kg BW

In addition to my barbell routine I do easy Pistol Squats and Pull Ups GTG-style on non-workout days. To cover cardio I either go for an easy 15-20 minute morning run or a few KB Swings S&S-style(200-300 per week at the most).

Other than that I mostly sit in front of a monitor and going grocery shopping is about as hard as my day gets. As far as I can tell I recover very well from my current routine. I have absolutely 0 experience with how training works and how bad of an idea adding One Arm Pushups GTG-style may be.

I hope some of the more experienced Coaches and Trainees here can help me with my little problem.

Thanks to all of you and sorry for the long post :)

AGE: 26
GENDER: male
Height: 6'5'', 195cm
Weight: 102kg, 225lbs
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Harald Motz

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Hello Mr.N., welcome to the forum.
From what you are writing, you have a solid strength training base and you are doing gtg already. You recover well. So there is no reason so far, you should not add o.a.p.u. But you could consider, to leave the pistols, or doing them low volume. Gtg pull ups and o.a.pu would be a nice match, as you have heavy lower body barbell work already included. There is a saying, when you add something, leave something out. And by the way gtg is a great routine. Or stay at the pistol and leave the pullup.
I for myself incorporated gtg style bottom up presses three weeks ago. I started with singles on the 24k. Today I can bang out some decent reps with the 28k and can do some singles or doubles with the 32. The more stable/balanced me and the bell is in the rack, the easier the press gets, and I get it gradually, that the press is only as strong as the clean. Oh, I digress...

Mr. Nobody

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Dankeschön :)

I think I will practice them every other Off-Day and see how much additional fatique I will have to deal with.

And congrats on pressing the 32kg KB. ;)

Karen Smith

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OAPU are very neurologically fatiguing. They can be achieved by adding them in a GTG fashion. It is important to wave the load and listen to you body. If you happen to be near any of our SFB course, I would highly recommend attending as it will give you all the tools to achieve the OAPU with proper and safe technique. I would also recommend starting at a very high elevation and groove a solid pattern and strength base. I have most students start at the wall and patiently progress lower over time after meeting specific bench marks. I would be happy to help you with program if you need it, via distance coaching.
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