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Hi Steve,  I am a GS coach, so if you need very prexcises informations, don't hesitate to ask, e- mail could be better :

My SF certification expired last April and as you know, I live in WA, can't travel only to be recertified, a shame, but anyway, use a lot Hardstyle for my GPP ( Strenght ) and " smart Crossfit WOD " to train my endurance ( also, attend Kettlebells for Crossfit with Jeff Martone ).

Don't forget to work a lot your flexibility....

I am training in snatches only, hope MS in USA next year !

All the best

Kris Wicz ( FB )


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Smart training and injury free are the keys, and a part of luck the bid day !

Bests, Kris Wicz


Jason Ginsberg

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Thank you for being the one to post that Steve, every time I do I get pilloried : ) I agree with everything in that article (and am consistently baffled how anyone disagrees with Rudnev).

One thing I will add from my own experience, it looks like the jerk is very similar to the press; it’s not. I got a LOT more carryover to jerks and long cycle from working on my double kettlebell front squat than I did from double kettlebell presses. Which does not mean that DKBFS is necessarily a good choice for a GS athlete, with those goals and that technique, but for someone using the jerk and/or clean and jerk in a hardstyle context, I think it sometimes has merit, and certainly more so than the press does. The legs really drive the bells up in the jerk, and the second dip is critical, the lockout/catch is almost an afterthought in comparison.

Physical Culture

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Agreed, Jason.  That's not to say that I've yet reached the point of being strong enough that more strength would not benefit my GS, simply that it's not a priority.

I also hear what you are saying about front squats.  I find that the GS jerk is a technique all its own, and I can't replicate it with any other movement.  The front squat and the back bridge both come close to the movements required, but nothing else matches the strong, hard push of the hips and the quick, violent drop of the jerk.

Christine, you mentioned luck. I read an interview with Denisov after he broke his own record with 116 reps in long cycle.  He said that if it had not been so cool in the auditorium, with the fan blowing on him, he would not have made it.   Sometimes luck is a factor!
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