Long-duration glycolitic effort while IF.


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I love doing my morning A+A and purely aerobic trainings fasted. However, right now I'm on my Muay Thai camp where I have two sessions of glycolitic hell a day for 7 days.
Is it in any way contraindicated to do the first session fasted? Can it be in any way detrimental?
Yesterday I did a morning session fasted, today I had a banana before. The former felt terrible, the latter great, but I don't know if fasting is to blame because there are so many factors involved.
I know the case of Sylvie von Duuglas Ittu who trains and fights in Thailand while fasting every second day. However, she's keto-adapted.
Any thoughts?

BJJ Shawn

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“1.  Fasted Cardio
Fasted cardio, most often done first thing in the morning, has been a popular approach in the world of bodybuilding for years… and it works, if you’re using performance-enhancing drugs to protect your muscle mass. But for a natural lifter, fasted cardio is a very good way to eat away at your muscle mass.”


Erik Hournou

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Your liver should produce enough glycogen if you're keto adapted, altrough your performance could decrease short term due to the adaption.
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