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Hi guys,

I listened to the LEO Training Podcast with Phil Scarito this morning (Podcast). It was fantastic, by the way. I am extremely interested in the discipline of Indian club swinging.

I am looking to get a 2 lb. set of clubs to get started with and I notice there are two main types, the "British" style and the Victorian teardrop style. Is there any clear benefit to one or the other? I was looking on Revolution Clubs and saw that the teardrop style is 2 inches longer, so obviously the leverage would be a little tougher to deal with and in an interview with an Indian club expert that I read earlier today also he said the teardrops are annoying since you can't stand them up.

Overall, I'm leaning toward the classic British style but if there is some clear advantage to the teardrop I can deal with the storage considerations of laying them down when not in use.

Thanks all!
Just emailed him, I will share his thoughts on the teardrop vs. standard style when I hear back. His gym is only about 40 minutes from my aunt and uncle's house. I will have to work in a visit when I am in PA next.
Phil mentioned starting off with 1lb clubs, but didn't differentiate between the teardrop and British styles, so I'm just going to go British to make storage easier. He said the clubs available from Revolution are all good.
I've got rubber (plastic?) Indian clubs - I suspect the wooden ones are more expensive.

It's worth having a browse on ebay (although some of the prices are shocking)..

I bought these old Victorian clubs for about £20, they are about 1lb weight but I don't think there is a need to go heavy with them. Old hardwood looks and feels great as well.


I started trying to replicate these old, simple exercises

but clearly people in the Victorian era had brains that allowed them to do two different things at once with their arms. I don't think I have ever got past exercise 6.

I am not sure I get a lot strength or conditioning benefit from the exercises but they are great for keeping shoulders loose with a full range of motion.
Good stuff guys. I'm looking to add something to my training to help my shoulders. This could be what I need.
I've got 1,2&3lb clubs. I use the 1lbs everyday for 5mins. Definitely recommend the 1lbers if you're only getting one set. I only use the heavier clubs occasionally to push myself, but not often.
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