Low back pain after double kettlebell workshop

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Hi there

I was searching around for some stretches to ease the ache, but could not find any solutions that worked for me. I should probably see a doctor first, but it's only been about a week. I was wondering if anyone encountered something similar, and/or could suggest some sort of stretch or self massage. It's not post exercise soreness. I recovered from most of that within 2-3 days.

These days whenever I jog or bounce on the spot, one part of the low back is tweaked. I tried with extended and flexed hips and knees, but can't reliably decide which feels worse. It might have been worse when I was bouncing with extended hips and knees. The same spot hurts when I try to sit directly up from lying down. It also hurts when I try to pick up a kettlebell, more so when the kettlebell is further away from my torso in the air or when I'm setting it down.

I suspected it was related to hip hyper extension or just extension, but can't reliably decide as it sometimes hurts during hip flexion. I can't find the spot(s) from pressing around my low back, down to my glutes, so I suspected the piriformis, since it's a deep muscle and the pain sometimes radiated to the sides. Piriformis stretches didn't seem to address it, or I may have done them wrongly. It could also be one or more of the deep muscles in the pelvis. Stretching the hamstrings using the good morning stretch helped reduce the pain for a while, but with diminishing returns.

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Based on what you've said, I'd take a few days off from training and have a long, hot bath, a massage, or both. And if those things don't fix it, I'd see your doctor. It's possible it's not just something tight but rather that you've injured something. And there's nothing wrong with seeing the doctor first, too.



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Hoyke, see a doc; do not ask for medical advice online.

Repost when what you have learned and heal fast.
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