Low Bar Squats and Elbow Pain


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Anyone get sore elbows after low bar squats?

If so, what did you do to help them feel better?

I took a week off from squatting to rest them and they were improved enough where I felt comfortable squatting last night, then this morning they are just achy and sore again.

Any ideas would be appreciated

Steve Freides

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Have a movement screen. Likely, IMHO, that you're tight somewhere other than your elbows.


Tony Gracia

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I would agree with Steve, you are probably tight somewhere other than your elbows. Also, have you had your technique looked at? If it is only sore after squats and not other activities, there may also be a technique issue.

Bill Been

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Are you putting your hands on top of the bar and trapping it position? You should not be intercepting any of the load down your forearm thereby stressing your elbows.


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You could try a wider grip. I prefer to use a thumbless grip (false grip) - it feels more flexible to me.


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Thanks everyone,

Bill Been, i am not trapping it, i am taking the brunt of the load through my arms and after going back through my starting strength book i see that it is mentioned in there as likely to cause elbow problems.

I will work on getting my hand in a better position.

Again, thanks for the suggestions

Bill Been

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There's a very in-depth video over there on bar placement. Linking it would be bad form on my part. Good luck. Once you find that perfect slot just under your scapular spine, put your hands on top of the bar, tighten up your upper back to build a muscle shelf, and raise your elbows, it'll wedge securely in place with no load anywhere but your back.


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Sure enough after watching this, i had the bar much lower than it should have been and lower than i realized it was.

I did exactly the wrong thing when trying to locate the spine of the scapula and reached around my back to find them and the bar was moving after lower and lower every rep.

I'm up to 320 for my sets of five so my arms are taking on a significant load, much more than i can handle in any upper body movement.
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