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Discussion in 'Other' started by yorkshirecomrade, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. yorkshirecomrade

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    Does anyone here utilise mace bells in their training? I've recently added and wow what an addition
  2. pet'

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    I used sledgehammer for a while. It grealty improved shoulder mobility, strength and range on motion at the same time. Plus it implies an important core work to stabilize yourself.

    There are tons of moves, all of them very functional (digging, shovelling, hammering, etc...). I used to do them the aerobic way. How about you ?

    However, depending on the move you are doing, and how frequent your training is, be careful on on your joints (shoulders / elbows / wrists).

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  3. Steve W.

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    Here are a couple of recent threads that discuss mace swinging:

    Steel Mace info

    mace with s&s

    I posted in both those threads, but in a nutshell I love mace (and clubbell) swinging and think it's a great complement to KB lifting.

    I'm currently dealing with a severe rotator cuff tear (suffered while playing basketball, not training) that is going to require surgery, and mace swinging is something I can still do without pain. In fact, it's helped keep my shoulder functional to an extent that has surprised my doctors.

    BTW, my maces are plate loadable maces from (don't know if they ship to the UK, or what kinds of maces are available over there). I have a thicker handled one (1.66") with a 42" handle, and a thinner handled one (1.33") with a 48" handle. The plate loading system on these works really well and is very secure. It's not very convenient to quickly change plates, but I don't change weights very often (I currently have both loaded to a little over 20lbs). It's more useful for adding weight over time without having to buy separate fixed weight maces. They also have a nice ball end, whereas the most commonly available maces here in the US (such as Onnit) have a straight end to the grip.

    The ShoulderRok looks cool, but is the same length as my longer mace which a little too long to use indoors in my house with 8ft ceilings (I can use it, but have to be very careful not to hold it too high, and so I stick to the shorter one in the house).
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  4. yorkshirecomrade

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    Annoyingly I've just deleted a video of myself using my 4kg otherwise I could've posted.... Yes it's light but feels great for my starting point. I have an 8kg waiting to go but I think this 4 will keep me going for a while..
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  5. pet'

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    Do not consider it as light or lighter than it seems. Due to the lever and pendulum move, you have to put a lot of force to perfectly control it

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  6. Tarzan

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    I made a Gada a few years ago.

    I saw one that Steve Maxwell had made from a basketball filled with concrete, so I made one very similar. I used a half size basketball like Steve used and 1 1/2" galvanised pipe for a handle. I put a few roofing screws in the pipe to give the concrete something to secure itself to & prevent the handle slipping out.
    It's How You Put it Together...: Gitchy Gitchy Gada Ya-Ya!

    The weight seemed to be about right for someone my size as a starting point & I was getting a good workout with it but I kept tweaking my dodgy shoulder with it. Now it just sits in the shed.
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  7. Steve Freides

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    1 and 2 lb. Indian clubs are the way to go for this sort of thing, IMHO. Master SFG @Phil Scarito teaches workshops, and there are some DVDs out there as well. Phil's web site is

  8. Steve W.

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    For what sort of thing?

    In my experience of using both, maces and Indian clubs are very different animals.

    To me, this is analogous to responding to a query about whether anyone here uses kettlebells by saying, "Barbells are the way to go for this sort of thing."
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  9. yorkshirecomrade

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    What sort of thing do you mean?

    Tarzan, I'd love to try that, I'd worry my DIY skills would fail me and kill me
  10. yorkshirecomrade

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    Pet, completely agree and can't wait to have trained enough to fully utilise consistently
  11. Dogchapman7

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    Sorry to dredge up the old post me old mucker but thinking of getting a strength shop mace myself. How did you get on with yours. Do you still get plenty of mileage out of it and the big question how do the fair with low ceilings? Standard British council house

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