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Has anybody here used the shoulderok (or another mace) with s&s? Shoulderok is a plate loadable mace. Reels has a podcast about it. The movement is similar to the halo but more ballistic. I've used it before to open up tight shoulders and had good results.

I was wondering about substituting it for the halos in s&s but wasn't sure whether it would have the same effect. I tend to neglect my gluteus and core with the mace in comparison to halos but that may be a movement issue on my part and I think that it opens my shoulders more.

Sean M

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I plan to use it as a supplement/play item when it warms back up in the spring. There are some easy DIY plans online (shovel handle and concrete in kids kickball, or iron plumbing pipes with plate weights, up to a legit one from something like Onnit).

Steve W.

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I have several plate loadable maces, but I more often use a heavy clubbell. For 360s and 10-2s I can go a lot heavier with the club (mostly 35lbs), I don't have to be as careful to avoid hitting the ceiling, and the clubs allow me to do drills incorporating swings with arms extended toward the floor.

Over the summer I did one or two A+A style sessions of club swinging per week, mostly focused on 360s and 10-2s. I did a sets of 10 (5 in each direction for 360s), starting a new set every 1:20 and alternating grips each set. A typical session would be 16 sets of 360s, then 16 sets of 10-2s, then lateral swings, alternating sides and pausing in the clean position to change direction, usually for another 10 sets. Afterwards, or sometimes instead of the lateral swings, I would continue doing sets of swipes, mills, and rockit squats with lighter clubs (mostly 20 and 25lbs), plus practice a few other random drills.

Each week, I also did one or two A+A snatch sessions, and one or two A+A double clean sessions.

Mace and club swinging is a lot of fun and a great complement to KB training. If you just want to stick to S&S and use the mace as more of a mobility drill, I don't see why that would be a problem. They do overlap a lot with halos, so I don't think you would miss anything by leaving the halos out.

El Cid

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I love swinging maces. I second the opinion that you could utilize them in place of halos. Lighter maces are great for thoracic mobility and opening up your shoulders. Heavier maces are a phenomenal back and torso developer - particularly obliques, lats, and lower traps.

There was a time when I did little other than KB 1H Swing, TGU and Mace 360. I worked up to a high volume with a 35 pound mace and my lats expanded until my shirts didn't button right. It was very inconvenient lol.


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I did sledgehammer for a while and use it for hammering and other moves.

I think it is a good move to work power and coordination. It is also a good move about shoulder mobility.

Nevertheless, in function of the move you do and is intensity, I consider it risky on the long term for the wrists due to the big lever it has.

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