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  1. Raid

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    How long are you supposed to stay with your MAF Heart rate? Do you adjust it every year, every birthday? Or do you stay with it, until u improve your speed?
  2. offwidth

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    From my perspective it is only a guide. Directional.
    I use my current age. It's not going to make a significant difference if you are a digit off.
    It also depends on what your training goals are. I do most of my endurance 'stuff' at MAF... but not all. My speed or performance improves in the careful application of non-MAF zones
  3. ClaudeR

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    Maffetone says stick with it for 4 years or so. usually by that time people will have a very good idea what the principle is and how they feel, so they can move on to something else (or readjust)

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